Wilko's incredible pick & mix deal is back!

But you need to hurry!

wilko half price pick mix sweets
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To celebrate (or commiserate) the summer holidays, bargain hunters’ haven Wilko is bringing back their legendary pick & mix deal.

Wilko’s pick & mix offer, which is a well-known customer favourite, is back.

Shoppers can choose from three different offerings – a regular cup, which has gone from £2 to £1; a medium cup, which is now £2 instead of £3; and the discount even includes the extra large sharing cups, which have reduced from £4 to £3. Though if you’re going to get through the summer holidays, you might need a sharer all to yourself.

The offer is available in all Wilko stores throughout England and Wales that have a pick & mix counter, and will automatically be applied to your purchase when you check out.

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Unfortunately, you can’t get your hands on the sweet treats online, because even though the Internet can do many wonderful things, online pick & mix is still not a thing, sadly. But it definitely should be – that right there is the stuff of dreams.

Just be careful not to dawdle, because if you want to get your hands on these discounted tubs of goodness you better get down there before later this week. The discount will end on Thursday 15th July, when sweet prices will return to normal.

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The last time Wilko had a sugary rollback, earlier on this year in April, it saw customers go crazy for the half price deal – so try and get there before the shelves (or tubs) are cleared.

The high street chain’s nostalgic treats include all the usual suspects, like strawberry laces, foam bananas, gummy strawberries, milk bottles, teeth and lips, chocolate jazzies and of course the legendary cola bottles.

Try not to let the kids loose on the entire bag. Handfuls of sugar + being trapped in the house by the rain = manic youngsters + mum tearing her hair out. Not the best combination for the first of six weeks of entertaining!

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