Woman hears a noise and thinks she’s being burgled – but it was actually this hilarious reason

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  • We’ve all woken up to a strange noise in the night, and many of us are guilty of jumping to the worst conclusions.

    Chelsea Morris from Edinburgh had that exact experience recently, as a loud banging noise woke her up and she was worried someone was trying to get into the house via the front door.

    She texted her brother Ryan in a panic, writing: ‘I think someone’s banging on the door. Go check I’m scared. Like not tapping proper banging’.

    However, Ryan’s hilarious response reassured Chelsea that there was no intruder at all, and that the noise was just him trying to break open a Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

    We can relate to that struggle – they’re a nightmare to get in to sometimes!

    Chelsea shared the hilarious exchange on Twitter, which has since received over 126,000 likes from amused users.

    She later clarified just how aggressively Ryan was trying to break apart the chocolate orange, writing: ‘My whole house was shaking I thought someone was trying to come through my front door’.

    Many people said they could relate to Ryan’s struggle, with blogger Rachel Hawkins writing: ‘I’ve put chips in tables doing mine before, so I can really appreciate this.’

    Another joked: ‘Don’t tap it, Make it sound like your house is being robbed.’

    Another user tagged their siblings, writing: ‘Sounds like something that would happen in our house’.

    Another replied: ‘Me on Christmas morning’.

    We’re so excited that the festive treat is back, and orange is definitely this season’s big flavour. Recently limited edition Twirl Orange hit our shelves, and Coca-Cola announced their clementine flavoured Diet Coke, too.

    If you’d rather save yourself the fuss of smashing open a Terry’s Chocolate Orange (even though it is satisfying), why not try our chocolate orange fondant cake recipe?

    Will you be stocking up on your chocolate oranges this festive season? Just make sure you don’t alarm anyone in your house when you’re trying to open it!

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