Flag cupcake decorations

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  • How clever are these flag cupcake decorations made by our cupcake queen Victoria Threader? They’re the perfect way to celebrate the World Cup. You can make England, Brazil and other country flags with this step-by-step recipe.

    When making this cupcake recipe remember to keep all the cut offs of fondant and paste until the very end. You might need to use some of the white modelling paste to complete other flags. Make sure you keep them covered when making the other cakes so they don’t dry up. This recipe make 12 flag cupcakes – you can use the methods for stripes, circles and stars demonstrated below to make the rest of the flag decorations on your own.


    • 150g white modelling paste
    • 15g green modelling paste
    • 10g blue modelling paste
    • 10g yellow fondant
    • 2g black fondant
    • Sugar Pearls and white nonpareils