Frozen cupcakes
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If your child is a fan of the film Frozen, they’re going to love these Frozen cupcakes.

From Anna to Olaf, you can make your very own cartoon-style Frozen cupcakes with our step-by-step recipe. Each cake topper is made with a mixture of modeling paste and fondant. This recipe makes 12 cupcake decorations – two of each character and six buttercream-swirl cupcakes; ideal for kids' parties and birthdays.

How to make Frozen cupcakes


  • 100g ice blue modeling paste
  • 20g chocolate fondant
  • 20g light yellow fondant
  • 20g white fondant
  • 10g black fondant
  • 10g skin tone fondant
  • 2g orange fondant
  • Neon blue and white sanding sugar (we used Dr Oetker)
  • White nonpareils
  • Dusky pink petal dust

Frozen cupcakes: Step 1

Make your batch of 12 cupcakes using our cupcake recipe. Divide the mixture into the cupcake cases by using an ice cream scoop. This will ensure all the cupcakes are the same size. Leave to cool on a wire rack while making the toppers.

Frozen cupcakes: Step 2

Roll the ice blue modelling paste out to 2mm thick. The Wilton rolling pin comes with spacers, these are rings that fit onto the rolling pin to make sure you get an even thickness of modelling paste.

Emboss with the snowflake embossing mat by placing the mat over the paste and then rolling over the top with the rolling pin, then cut 6 x 58mm circles. Place them to dry on a drying sponge or some greaseproof paper.

Frozen cupcakes: Step 3

Roll 3 long sausages of chocolate fondant and plait them. You’ll need the plait to be about 7cm long.

Frozen cupcakes: Step 4

Roll out the skin-tone fondant and cut a 43mm circle for the heads and stick them onto the blue discs with a brush of water. Use the 30mm circle cutter to add the smile by pushing it into the fondant and add dimples at the end of the smile with the small ball tool.

Roll a tiny ball of skin-tone paste for the nose and stick it on with a brush of water. Cut the plait in half and stick to either side of the head. Score the bottom of the plaits with a sharp knife to make it look tied at the ends.

Frozen cupcakes: Step 5

Frozen cupcakes

Using the 43mm circle cutter, cut a circle and then cut it into strips and add it to the top of the head for a fringe.

Frozen cupcakes: Step 6

Frozen cupcakes

Repeat the same steps for the blonde face but just make a smaller plait and stick it only to one side of the head. Roll skinny sausage shapes for the hair and shape them up and over the top of the head. Use one of the snowflake sprinkles as a bow at the end of the plait.

Frozen cupcakes: Step 7

Frozen cupcakes

To add the eyes, roll tiny balls of fondant. Starting with the white, then blue, then black, sticking them on top of one another, pushing them flat with your finger and then adding a tiny white dot as a reflection to finish.

To add cheeks, dust with dusky pink petal dust, but make sure the face is dry before or the dust will be patchy.

Frozen cupcakes: Step 8

For the snowman, cut a 43mm circle of white fondant and, using the same cutter, trim the sides off to make it more of an oval shape.

Frozen cupcakes: Step 9

Frozen cupcakes

Stick this to the blue disc with a brush of water and add eyes (using small balls of fondant pushed flat with your finger), rolled tiny sausage shapes for hair/eyebrows, and roll a tiny carrot nose.

Cut another 43mm circle and cut it into half for the mouth.

Frozen cupcakes: Step 10

Frozen cupcakes

Stick the semi-circle under the nose and then cut a small rectangle for the teeth. Then cut a smaller semi-circle for the body, sticking a black ball on for the button and rolling long thin sausage shaped for the arms and cutting them twice at the end for fingers.

Once all the heads are done leave them to dry overnight on a sponge or a cardboard cake box.

Frozen cupcakes: Step 11

Roll the blue modelling paste out to 2mm thick and cut 6 x snowflakes using the 20mm snowflake cutter.

Frozen cupcakes: Step 12

Frozen cupcakes

Make up some buttercream using our reduced-sugar buttercream recipe and use it to ice the cupcakes using a Wilton 1M nozzle, starting in the centre and working your way up into a point. Add sprinkles and the white nonpareil, popping the blue snowflakes onto the top to finish them off.

Frozen cupcakes: Step 13

Frozen cupcakes

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Once completely dry, add the toppers to the cupcakes and serve.

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