How to make chocolate truffles

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  • Chocolate truffles are not only super simple to make, they’re also a lovely homemade treat, and a perfect idea for a birthday or Christmas gift. To make this chocolate truffle recipe you only need four ingredients, plus they’re ready in five easy steps. In this easy chocolate truffle recipe, we’ve made dark chocolate truffles with a white chocolate centre, to balance out the creamy filling with a rich chocolate shell. Watch our video to see how to make Chocolate truffles, which would make a thoughtful food gift or sweet party nibble to pass round.

    White chocolate contains less cocoa solids than plain chocolate, so the white chocolate filling is softer than you might expect and needs a little more care when coating them – but these chocolate truffles are so worth the effort when you bite into that surprise centre.

    For flavour, we used Cointreau in the white chocolate filling but you can leave the alcohol out altogether if you’d prefer to make truffles that even the kids can eat!

    For a bit of variety, you can experiment with the chocolate – try dark chocolate centres in white chocolate, or coat the white centres in milk chocolate. The combinations are endless.


    Chocolate truffles recipe

    Makes: 50-60 chocolate truffles 
    Per truffle:
    93 calories, 6g fat (4g saturated fat)

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    For the ganache centres:

    • 400g white chocolate, or use dark chocolate for a dark centre
    • 300ml whipping cream
    • 2tbsp spirit or liqueur, such as brandy, Drambuie or Cointreau (optional)

    For the coating:

    • 500g chocolate, dark or white, melted and tempered (optional)