Bow cupcake decorations
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Want to know how to make bow cupcake decorations? Watch this easy tutorial from cupcake queen Victoria Threader. All you'll need is some modelling paste and a few basic tools to make beautiful bows that would be great on bakes for birthdays, christenings, weddings and more...

These cupcakes were made by Victoria Threader for our classes at the Cake & Bake Show 2014 in London - don't forget to take a look at our button cupcake decorations and rose cupcake decorations too!


Step 1

Before you start, rub a spare piece of fondant or paste on your hands and the board before you start rolling. This will catch any flecks of dust and stop it from getting into the paste.

Roll the white modelling paste to 2mm thick and cut a rectangle 9cm x 4cm and mark in the centre. Be sure to wrap the paste you are not using in cling film so it doesn’t dry out. It’s best to make one bow at a time as the paste dries quickly.

Step 2

Cutting from the centre outwards, cut two ovals either side of the centre mark making sure you leave the centre intact.

Step 3

Bend the outside edge into the centre and stick with a brush of water.

Step 4

Cut a strip 1cm x 3cm and dampen with your water brush in the centre of the strip. Turn the bow upside down and stick the centre on the middle strip, folding and sticking with a brush of water. Repeat the previous step until you have made 12 bows.

Step 5

To make the ends of the ribbon, roll and cut a 12x strips measuring 7cm x 2.5cm. Cut a section from the ends and then cut 3cm tringles from each side in the centre. Make sure you leave the centre intact so you have a piece to stick the bow to.

Step 6

Glue the bow with a brush of water to the centre. Make sure you press gently so as not to flatten it too much.

Step 7

Colour the remainder of the paste turquoise and roll and cut 12x 68mm circles for the bows to sit on. These need to dry for at least 6 hours on a drying sponge or greaseproof paper.

Step 8

Ice the cupcakes by adding a Wilton 2A nozzle to a piping bag and piping a ball of buttercream by applying pressure to the piping bag, keeping the nozzle in the top of the buttercream. Stop piping just before it reaches the paper case.

Step 9

Bow cupcake decorations

(Image credit: Future)

Place the toppers onto the finished cupcakes, pushing down slightly to get the buttercream to set at the edge of the cupcake case, and serve.

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Victoria Threader
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Victoria Threader is 'the queen of cupcakes' and a contributing Recipe Writer at GoodTo. Not only can she bake delicious cupcakes, she can decorate them too - with each of Victoria’s cupcakes topped with handmade edible toppers. Some of her most popular cupcakes include: rainbow cupcakes, hidden shape cupcakes and even giant cupcakes.