How to make bread and butter pudding

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  • Bread and butter puddings one of those delicious, warm, wintery recipes that can put a smile on everyone’s face. Once you know how to make bread and butter pudding, you will have a delicious recipe perfect for family dinners, or wintery roast lunches.

    Here’s how to make bread and butter pudding in the easiest, simplest way. This classic bread and butter pudding recipe only takes 45 mins to bake in the oven and is a great way of using up any leftover or stale bread that might be sitting in your bread bin.

    If you want to try a healthier option, use brown bread instead or if you want to be naughty serve with chocolate custard or replace the dried fruit with chocolate chips for an even sweeter finish.

    Bread and butter puddings have been around for years and this classic recipe has been tried and tested in the goodtoknow kitchen which means it’s one of the best and will never get old.

    Make sure you save this tasty dessert with your very own online recipe book. Enjoy!

    How to make bread and butter pudding


    Serves 4-6

    • 60g butter, softened
    • 6-8 slices white bread, at least a day-old
    • 90-125g dried mixed fruit
    • 4 medium eggs
    • 300ml carton double cream
    • 300ml milk
    • 75g caster sugar
    • Pinch of ground mixed spice