How to make katsu sando

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  • Katus sando is a delicious Japanese sandwich filled with crunchy breadcrumbed pork cutlets, sweet, shredded cabbage, tonkatsu sauce and plenty of mayonnaise. We asked Tim Anderson, Masterchef winner and owner of Nanban restaurant in Brixton, for his favourite katsu sando recipe, and that’s exactly what that is. Tim explains that he doesn’t flatten his pork, as it cooks too quickly if you do, resulting in dry meat. Ths recipe serves four, and is perfect for lunches or even picnics.


    • 4 pork loin cutlets/steaks, about 1-1.5cm thick
    • salt
    • meat tenderiser powder
    • white pepper
    • 50g strong white bread flour
    • 2 eggs, beaten with 1 tbsp oil
    • 120g panko
    • oil, for deep-frying
    • 8 slices soft yet sturdy white bread (cut the crusts off for an authentic conbini experience)
    • 4 tbsp Kewpie mayo
    • ½ hispi cabbage, finely shredded
    • 100ml tonkatsu sauce