How to make Yorkshire puddings

How to make Yorkshire puddings

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  • No roast is complete without them - here's how to make Yorkshire puddings for the ultimate Sunday lunch.

    Whether you opt for a vegetarian wellington, or the classic roast of lamb, beef, chicken or pork, a Yorkshire pudding is an absolutely necessity. And with the weekend ahead, why not learn how to make Yorkshire puddings yourself?

    Made from a batter of eggs, flour and milk they are quick, simple and cheap to whip up with our easy recipe. You can bake Yorkshire pudding in one large tin, cutting it into portions to serve, or in individual bun tins or slightly larger Yorkshire pudding tins. This basic batter can also be used to make toad-in-the-hole baked in a large tin with sausages, and can be flavoured with chopped herbs such as sage or parsley.

    Traditionally Yorkshire pudding was served with the gravy as a first course before the beef, it was a way of filling you up to make the meat go further, these days though we tend to serve it with the meat. For parties, mini Yorkshire puddings make a tasty canapé with cold roast beef and a little creamed horseradish sauce.

    Yorkshire pudding also makes a delicious dessert with golden syrup or maple syrup poured over, or baked with fruit such as peaches or cherries for American popovers and French clafouti.

    The secrets to successful Yorkshire puddings are to use full-fat milk rather than skimmed or semi-skimmed and plain flour not self-raising. To avoid a lumpy batter, gradually mix half the milk into the flour and eggs, beat until smooth then add the remaining milk. Use a non-stick baking tin and preheat it in a hot oven with oil, dripping or lard so it’s piping hot when the batter is poured in and starts to cook instantly. Pop it back in the oven straight away and avoid opening the oven door until golden, well risen and cooked.

    And on the off-chance that you’ve not eaten them all, here’s how to use them and other Sunday lunch leftovers.

    How to make Yorkshire puddings


    • 100g plain flour
    • 3 eggs
    • 175ml whole milk
    • 1tsp salt
    • 4tbsp vegetable oil
    • 1tbsp wholegrain mustard
    • 1tbsp freshly chopped thyme