How to use up Sunday roast leftovers

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  • Preparing a big Sunday roast for lots of people can be difficult. So it's always good to have a plan to deal with all those leftovers, to ensure that food waste is kept to a minimum.

    From leftover meats to veggies galore, there always seems to something leftover from this delicious meal as hard as we might try to eat it all. Naturally, we want to avoid food waste wherever possible, so what are we supposed to do with all our Sunday roast leftovers?

    Look no further than here. We’re here to help you make the most out of your Sunday roast leftovers and turn Sunday’s lunch into Monday’s meals. You can even stretch your Sunday leftovers until Tuesday, showing that you really don’t have to bin as much as you might think!

    Remember that if you’re not in the mood for using up those leftovers the next day or have other plans, you could always freeze them and use them the following week for another delicious roast instead.

    So come and have a browse through some of our top roast dinner leftovers and find out exactly what you can make with them and how to store them for another time too!

    First up, what to do with all that meat leftover! There’s always some meat leftover from a hearty roast dinner – whether it’s a couple of chicken wings or half a joint of lamb, browse through our ideas for how to us them up below.

    And if you’re just here looking in advance, preparing for those inevitable leftovers, why not have check out some of the great ways to cook a roast dinner from scratch. By effectively planning meals with the right portion sizes for every person, you can anticipate some of the wastage for things like lamb, chicken, pork or beef, as people’s preference can always be found out in advance.

    But don’t worry too much, as there are plenty of ways to use up all the leftovers from your Sunday lunch.

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