How to use up Sunday roast leftovers

If you love a roast dinner on a Sunday, you'll know all about the amount of leftovers this one off meal can produce. We're here to help you make the most out of your Sunday roast leftovers

how to use up Sunday leftovers

Preparing a big Sunday roast for lots of people can be difficult. So it's always good to have a plan to deal with all those leftovers, to ensure that food waste is kept to a minimum.

From leftover meats to veggies galore, there always seems to something leftover from this delicious meal as hard as we might try to eat it all. Naturally, we want to avoid food waste wherever possible, so what are we supposed to do with all our Sunday roast leftovers?

Look no further than here. We're here to help you make the most out of your Sunday roast leftovers and turn Sunday's lunch into Monday's meals. You can even stretch your Sunday leftovers until Tuesday, showing that you really don't have to bin as much as you might think!

Remember that if you're not in the mood for using up those leftovers the next day or have other plans, you could always freeze them and use them the following week for another delicious roast instead.

So come and have a browse through some of our top roast dinner leftovers and find out exactly what you can make with them and how to store them for another time too!

First up, what to do with all that meat leftover! There's always some meat leftover from a hearty roast dinner - whether it's a couple of chicken wings or half a joint of lamb, browse through our ideas for how to us them up below.

And if you're just here looking in advance, preparing for those inevitable leftovers, why not have check out some of the great ways to cook a roast dinner from scratch. By effectively planning meals with the right portion sizes for every person, you can anticipate some of the wastage for things like lamb, chicken, pork or beef, as people's preference can always be found out in advance.

But don't worry too much, as there are plenty of ways to use up all the leftovers from your Sunday lunch.

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How to use up roast chicken

One of the nation's most popular choices for Sunday lunch. We've got plenty of recipes for you to indulge in for using up chicken from Sunday lunch.

Try this one for a classic chicken stir fry and get creative with a great choice of fresh vegetables. We also love this recipe for chicken curry and this one for a wholesome chicken and leek pie.

For more choice, check out our huge selection of leftover chicken recipes.

How to use up roast beef

how to use up Sunday roast leftovers

Beef is the nation's favourite meat to have in their roast, according to a survey. So in anticipation of many people around the table eating it, we can sometimes make a little too much.

Try using up some leftover roast beef by making a beef casserole or burritos.

In fact there are so many different things you can do with leftover roast beef that we've compiled loads of leftover roast beef recipes right here.

How to use up leftover lamb

how to use up Sunday roast leftovers

Another hugely popular choice! Lamb is actually the second most popular choice of meat for a Sunday roast in the UK, second only to beef. But maybe because not everyone chooses it, there's often a lot of lamb leftover from a big Sunday lunch. Luckily, it's so easy to use up in curry and tagine dishes, as well as great for putting a unique twist on a classic pasta bake.

For more inventive way to use up roast lamb, check out our leftover lamb recipes.

How to use up roast pork

sunday roast leftovers

While it might be one of the less popular choices for Sunday lunch, there always seems to be plenty of this roast meat leftover. Why not make sure it doesn't go to waste by incorporating it into a pork enchilada? Or perhaps something a little more classic like a potato salad.

Find out more about what you can do with all your leftover pork with our set of recipes.

How to use up leftover roast potatoes

How to use up leftover roast potatoes

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Everyone loves a roast potato

- they seem to be top on the roast dinner list which can often mean we

get carried away with the chopping and peeling and end up with one too

many on our plates.

How to use up roast potatoes

- Using a masher or strong fork, mash your roasties into a thick potato mash and make a delicious topping finished with cheese.


Add in some egg and any leftover veggies and make a potato pattie. Fry

with a little oil on both sides and have for lunch the next day.


Store in the fridge for up to 2 days and then when you're ready to use

them again re-heat in the microwave until piping hot - simple!

How to use up Yorkshire puddings

How to make Yorkshire puddings

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Yorkshire puddings are an absolute must for a British Sunday roast but what to do when you make too many?

How to use up leftover Yorkshire puddings


Yorkshire puddings can be filled with a variety of different things to

turn them into a fun meal the next day. Chilli, cheese and bacon or even

mashed potato would give them a new lease of live.

- Yorkshire

puddings can replace the bread in a leftover roast sandwich. Wrap the

meat and veggies in them and dunk in any leftover gravy.


Yorkshire puddings are made with a batter similar to pancakes so they

also work well with a sweet twist. You can fill them with cream and

fruits to make a unusual dessert the next day.

- If you are making your Yorkshire puddings from scratch you can reserve the mixture and make pancakes! The batters are very similar - a little sugar will turn it into a sweet mix.

How to use up leftover Brussels sprouts

How to use up leftover Brussels sprouts

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Brussels sprouts may not be the most popular thing on the roast menu but they're a classic. No doubt there will be some leftovers but they're not getting away with it that easily. A few tasty twists and they'll be finishing their serving of sprouts one way or another!

How to use up leftover Brussels sprouts

- Sprouts can be used to bulk out most dishes. They can be used in curries, with other veggies in a tray bake or chopped up in a pasta dish or risotto.

- You can blend down your sprouts to make a healthy Brussels sprouts soup.

- Sprouts can be the centre of your meal too. Combine with a cheese sauce and top with breadcrumbs to make a winter garden gratin or team with mashed potatoes and breadcrumbs and fry to make croquettes. You can also unravel the sprouts to make the basis of a healthy salad too.

How to use up leftover parsnips

How to use up leftover parsnips

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You can't beat a parsnip

or two at your Sunday banquet. Lightly tossed in honey and oil, these

delicious roasted treats are not to be chucked once you've finished


How to use up leftover roast parsnips


Warm your parsnips in the microwave, add in a knob of butter and mash

like crazy. You've made yourself a delicious side dish ready for

tomorrow's dinner.

- In a food processor or with a strong arm,

blend your leftover parsnips. Add a little stock, any other leftover

veggies and you've got some delicious parsnip soup!

- Add your parsnips to a casserole or stew and boil. Remember that already cooked parsnips won't take as long to cook so add them last.

How to use up leftover gravy

How to use up leftover gravy

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Don't you just hate it when you make way too much gravy - don't worry, it can be saved and used again.

How to use up leftover gravy

- Pour into an ice cube tray and store in the freezer. These cubes can be added to stocks that you use for casserole or stews.


Turn it into tomorrow's dinner; fry some mince along with onions,

carrots and swede (these can be leftovers too), pour in your gravy and

simmer. Add in some more water if your mix is too thick. Once cooked top

with mash and serve as a Shepherd's pie!

How to use up leftover carrots

How to use up leftover carrots

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Carrots - the one veggie the kids don't complain about! Maybe it's because they help them to see in the dark or maybe it's because they're bright orange - either way, we should embrace the carrot and use up every last piece!

How to use up roast carrots

- Using a fork, mash your carrots - with your leftover parsnips or potatoes if you have them - and a knob of butter for a delicious side dish. Top with cheese and grill.

- Cut into chunks and boil in a broth to make a vegetable soup, stew or casserole. Remember to add already carrots last though. You can also blend down your carrots with a little stock to make a carrot soup.

- Add your cooked carrots to a carrot cake mix and bake! Blitz in the food processor for a smooth finish or chop/grate finely - the choice is up to you!

- If you're trying to be healthy, what better way to get 1 of your 5 a day into your diet than blending in a smoothie? Mix with apple and wheat grass for a delicious combo.

How to use up leftover nut roast

How to use up leftover nut roast

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If you've got vegetarians in the family, nut roast

is often the main of choice for a Sunday lunch. There's plenty you can

do with your leftover nut roast, so think before you bin it!

How to use up leftover nut roast

- Blitz your nut roast leftovers in a blender and use as a crumble topping for a bake or pie.

- Roll your nut roast into balls and fry in a light oil. Serve with fresh salad leaves and pitta, similar to falafel.

- Thin slices of nut roast would make a delicious sandwich filler the next day. Sandwich in a crusty brown roll or white loaf - the perfect packed lunch treat!

- If you've got any ready made pastry in the fridge that's waiting to be used you could make veggie pasties using your nut roast leftovers.

How to use up leftover broccoli

How to use up leftover broccoli

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Broccoli is packed full of vitamins so any leftovers should definitely not get the boot. If you've cooked too many greens, never fear, they don't have to go to waste (can you hear the kids groaning!)

How to use up leftover broccoli

- Boil you broccoli with a little stock to make a broccoli soup. The classic combination is with Stilton but you can team it with other cheeses or have it on it's own.

- Cooked pasta, a delicious simple sauce (try making your own tomato sauce or white sauce) and plenty of cheese turns your leftover broccoli into a bake for the whole family.

- Cold, cooked broccoli can be blended with other veggies such as spinach and kale to make a vitamin-packed smoothie.

- Cut your broccoli pieces up into fine chunks or mash. Add in some other leftover veggies like potatoes and carrot, an egg and mix. Lightly fry and you've made a tasty frittata.

How to use up leftover crumble

How to use up leftover crumble

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Nothing beats a delicious crumble for dessert after your hearty roast (how we make room for it, we will never know!) If you've got some delicious crumble leftovers make sure you save them.

How to use up leftover crumble

- The rhubarb or apple base mix can be used as a sweet treat for breakfast the next day and is perfect serving on porridge, granola or even on pancakes.

- The crumble mix can be frozen and used the following Sunday. You can also add the crumble mix to muffins or cupcakes and make crumble cakes instead.

How to use up leftover custard

How to use up leftover custard

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Now, you can't serve crumble without a warm homemade custard but don't worry if you've made too much.

How to use up leftover custard

- Turn your leftover custard into a brand new dessert recipe ready for Monday evening. Mini trifles or custard tarts would be the perfect examples.

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