Mary Berry thinks all children should learn how to cook - here's how you can teach your kids

Mary Berry is back with a new show this week - Britain's Best Cook - and we can't wait to see her back in action.

Ahead of the show's premiere on BBC1 tomorrow night, the former Bake Off judge shared her thoughts about children learning essential cooking skills.

The TV presenter, who had the help of her own grandchildren while preparing some dishes in her own cooking show Mary Berry Everyday, said she thinks children should be taught how to cook at least ten healthy dishes that are 'nutritionally good' before they leave school.

'When they leave school and they’re living in a rented room with one ring, they should be able to create a meal quickly from a few ingredients – and enjoy them,' she told The Sunday Times Magazine.

The culinary expert also added that she would like all children to be taught how to make gravy and cook vegetables.

But as Food Tech is no longer compulsory in the National Curriculum, it's up to parents at home to teach little ones how to whip up delicious dishes. Here are a few ideas...

Mary Berry recipes to try with the kids

Mary Berry chocolate cake

chocolate cake

Of course Mary Berry herself has some delicious recipes you can make with your children. Why not try her classic chocolate cake and let them help out in small tasks like beating the ingredients together? While not super healthy or nutritious, baking can still show children how they can make their own treats and not rely on shop-bought sugary snacks.

Mary Berry’s fettuccine primavera

Mary Berry's fettuccine primavera

When it comes to savoury and nutritious food, Mary Berry's delicious veggie pasta will definitely do the trick - with plenty of veg, it will show children how vegetables can be made to taste delicious without much effort.

Mary Berry iced fairy cakes

Little ones will absolutely love helping out with these fairy cakes - especially with the icing process!

Other recipes to try with the kids

If you want more kids recipes to make with your little ones, easy recipes like chicken pasta bake or a fruity chicken curry can also be a fun and tasty way to introduce children to cooking.

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