Poundland is selling a limited edition flavour of M&M’s for just £1

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  • M&M's fans, brace yourselves - what you're about to read will MAKE your day...

    M&M’s are a classic treat, loved by many all around the globe – why else would there be gigantic shops scattered across the different cities, entirely dedicated to colourful candy-covered chocolates?

    Over the years, since they were created in the 30s, more and more flavours have been added to the delicious list. Of course other are common than others – peanut chocolate are a staple but you haven’t lived until you try peanut butter.

    But, to the delight of M&M’s fans out there, there’s yet another another flavour that we can indulge in next time we go to the cinema or just fancy a treat.

    The Limited Edition Crunchy Caramel flavoured share-bags (we won’t judge if you don’t actually share them) have started appearing in Poundland shops, and they’re only £1 per bag.

    The retailer shared the exciting news on their Twitter account, writing: ‘NEW! M&M’s Crunchy Caramel 109g for only £1! Are you excited to try this flavour? 😋’

    Errr… YES!

    The new flavour is described as: ‘A creamy caramel centre covered in delicious milk chocolate, enclosed in a colourful candy shell, offering the ultimate combination of flavours in every bite-sized piece.’

    Of course sweet tooths everywhere collectively started to heavy breathe at the same time when news came out, and some even shared how they felt about the limited edition bags on social media.

    One said on Twitter: ‘I just had caramel filled M&M’s and I think my life is changed forever’.

    While another added: ‘If anyone out there is secretly in love with me plz bring me caramel M&M’s 🙃’.

    What do you think of the new flavour? Are you excited to try it? Is there another flavour you’re dying to see on shelves? Head over to our Facebook page and share your thoughts with us!