Tom Kerridge recipes: Tom Kerridge’s healthy lunch, dinner and dessert recipes

Healthy but delicious...
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  • Tom Kerridge recipes are perfect if you're looking for delicious meals that are easy to make. There's a mix of healthy ideas that won't break your diet and treat ideas too.

    The chef wowed fans when he lost a whopping 12 stone, and he revealed that cooking healthy food – including his new Tom Kerridge recipes – was one of the main ways he got in shape.

    In his various cookbooks – including his most recent one, Lose Weight and Get Fit, Tom has shared some of his favourite recipes with fans, including healthy meal ideas for lunch, dinner and some sweet options too.

    However, Chef Tom also has a passion for barbecue food and if you’re looking for some treat day inspiration, be sure to check out his barbecue recipes below. There’s even a cake that’s cooked on the barbie!

    Tom Kerridge

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    Take a look below and some of our favourite Tom Kerridge’s recipes that you can cook at home…

    Tom Kerridge recipes: Tom Kerridge lunch recipes

    Tom Kerridge’s North African soup

    For a light lunch that will still fill you up, Tom Kerridge’s North African soup will do the trick.

    Made with plenty of veg that add fibre to your diet, but also chickpeas that are rich in protein and will keep you satisfied for longer. This Tom Kerridge recipe is also ideal for vegetarians, or even if you just want to eat less meat.

    Get the recipe: Tom Kerridge’s North African soup

    Tom Kerridge’s crab mayo on sourdough

    Tom Kerridge's crab mayo on griddled sourdough recipe

    Bored of the same old sandwiches? Try this crab mayo on sourdough open sandwich recipe for an exciting twist on your normal lunch. Or, whip it up as a healthy snack, or even a starter for friends and family at a dinner party.

    Get the recipe: Tom Kerridge’s crab mayo on griddled sourdough

    Tom Kerridge’s miso stir-fried greens recipe

    Super-delicious and quick to make, stir-fried greens are a perfect midweek meal when you want to feel like you’ve really done yourself some good. There are so many flavours going on here, it’s hard to believe this dish is as healthy as it is.

    Get the recipe: Tom Kerridge’s miso stir-fried greens with fried egg

    Tom Kerridge BBQ recipes

    Fire up the barbecue and get ready for some new favourites, Tom’s barbecue recipes are full of flavour and will definitely impress your guests. They’re not necessarily Tom’s healthiest recipes but they are perfect for a treat date night. Balance is the key!

    Tom Kerridge’s smoked pastrami burger

    Tom Kerridge's Pastrami Burger

    Fed up of the same old beef burgers? Try Tom’s tasty smoked pastrami combo and don’t skip on the dill pickles! They are best cooked on the barbecue but if the weather isn’t playing ball, stick them under a hot grill.

    Get the recipe: Tom Kerridge’s smoked pastrami burger

    Tom Kerridge’s barbecued lobster thermidor

    Tom Kerridge's BBQ Lobster Halves with Thermador Butter.

    A top restaurant classic, Tom has given lobster thermidor a rustic barbecue makeover and we love it! Make sure you have plenty of fresh crusty bread on hand to soak up all the delicious butter.

    Get the recipe: Tom’s Kerridge’s barbecued lobster thermidor 

    Tom Kerridge’s BBQ honey cake

    Tom Kerridge's Honey Cake.

    Cake cooked on a barbecue? Yes, really! This light cake is served with a simple creme Chantilly and fresh raspberries but custard or thick Greek yoghurt would be delicious too. If you don’t have a Big Green Egg barbecue, we recommend placing the cake tin on a metal tray inside of the barbecue.

    Get the recipe: Tom Kerridge’s BBQ honey cake 

    Tom Kerridge dinner recipes

    When it comes to dinner, Tom Kerridge offers some clever ideas on how to whip up delicious meals that you will enjoy without ruining without your healthy eating efforts.

    Tom Kerridge’s cajun salmon recipe

    A tasty but healthy dish, this Cajun salmon is perfect for people who are watching their weight but still want a delicious meal. With broccoli and a yummy ‘dirty rice’ on the side, it’s super flavoursome.

    Get the recipe: Tom Kerridge’s cajun salmon

    Tom Kerridge’s healthy ragu recipe

    For this healthy ragu recipe – which Tom describes as being a lighter version of Bolognese – he used turkey, which is lower in fat and calories. To replace the pasta and lower the amount of carbs in the recipe, Tom uses cabbage linguine, which is so easy to make. Plus, because you’re replacing pasta with an veg, you tick another portion of your 5-a-day off the list – win win!

    Get the recipe: Tom Kerridge’s turkey ragu recipe

    Tom Kerridge’s chicken pho recipe

    For dinner, try something a little bit different with this Vietnamese pho. It’s full of aromatic flavours, such as cinnamon, coriander, ginger and lemongrass, and topped with loads of fresh herbs and as much chilli as you dare to put on. It’s also just 485 calories per serving.

    Get the recipe: Tom Kerridge’s chicken pho recipe

    We’ve also got some delicious recipes from Tom Kerridge’s 2019 cookbook: Tom Kerridge’s Fresh Start: How to cook amazing food at home too! You’re going to be spoilt for choice. Tom’s recipes include a mouth-watering bake, a healthy soup and a fancy lunch time treat.

    Tom Kerridge’s butternut squash pasta bake recipe

    Tom Kerridge's butternut squash pasta bake

    Tom says, “Rich and creamy, this could easily become a new favourite at home. It’s also a great way of getting a big portion of veg into your family without them even noticing! It’s all about the toppings: crunchy seeds and breadcrumbs, sweet chunks of butternut squash and nuggets of acidity from the sun-blushed tomatoes.”

    Get the recipe: Tom Kerridge’s creamy butternut squash pasta bake recipe

    Tom Kerridge’s chicken soup recipe

    Tom Kerridge's chicken pearl barley soup

    This is easy to make and packed full of healthy veggies. You can also make a big batch of this delicious chicken and pearl barley soup for dinner, and keep some back for lunch the next day. A lovely, warming meal.

    Get the recipe: Tom Kerridge’s chicken and pearl barley soup recipe

    Tom Kerridge dessert recipes

    Tom Kerridge’s courgette cake

    If you think trying to lose weight means never having a treat, then think again. Tom Kerridge has a few dessert recipes up his sleeve that you can make when your cravings hit, but they’re healthy enough that you won’t feel guilty at all.

    Just like a traditional carrot cake, Tom Kerridge’s courgette cake is moist and goes perfectly with a cuppa. It’s topped with a light cream cheese and lime icing, which makes it even more delicious!

    Get the recipe: Tom Kerridge’s courgette cake

    Will you be trying any of Tom Kerridge’s recipes? Let us know in the comments!