Expert reveals how to avoid airport drop-off charges by making one simple change

Airport drop-off charges have increased in multiple airports across the UK to make up for financial losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic

Expert reveals how to avoid airport drop-off charges by making one simple change
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A financial expert has revealed the simple way you can avoid airport drop-off fees at the airport the next time you say goodbye to your loved ones, and it'll only take you a few extra minutes. 

It's no secret that the cost-of-living crisis has hit the UK hard, with rising energy prices and inflation in light of the COVID-19 pandemic prompting families across the nation to tighten their belts. From shopping at the cheapest supermarkets to avoiding food waste, Britons everywhere are determined to save as much as they can ahead of the predicted recession. 

It's not just household and energy bills that are spiking though. Travel costs have also seen a steep incline, with international airfare expenses reaching a record high in 2023. (This is why more folks are looking for cheaper train tickets and investing in travel insurance!) 

One surprising cost that can affect travelers is airport drop-off charges, which require drivers to pay anywhere from £5 to £7 just to leave someone at their designated drop-off zones. 

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"The cost of dropping people off at an airport has soared since the pandemic," said Oli Townsend, assistant deals & features editor at

"Many passengers will rightly be shocked when hit with a charge as much as £7 just to set someone down outside the terminal." 

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid 'dropping' this hefty chunk of change on your next trip to the airport. 

"In most cases, there's no need to pay anything when saying goodbye to family and friends, as almost all airports have a free area for drop-offs – as long as you're willing to take a short walk or shuttle ride to the terminal," Townsend explains. 

For example, Heathrow Airport offers passengers the option of free parking for 30 minutes in its long-stay car parks. From here, folks can board a free shuttle bus that will take them to their designated terminal. Anyone who holds a blue badge or is driving an emergency service/military vehicle is also exempt from the charge.

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