Mum slammed for wearing white dress to daughter's wedding

wedding dress
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A mum has been slammed by Reddit for wearing a white dress to her daughter's wedding, which is arguably one of the biggest faux pas when it comes to a marriage ceremony.

At first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking the woman in white, long blonde hair scooped up, ringlets floating delicately around her face is the bride. Only, as it transpired, this was the mother of the bride!

Yes, you read that right, the bride's mum turned up in what could very easily be described as a stunning, white, lace wedding gown.

wedding dress

One of the golden rules for any wedding guest is 'don’t wear white' but this mum’s faux pas spectacularly broke that. Using the tag, tacky, one shocked acquaintance, who spotted the snap on social media and uploaded it to Reddit, revealed, ‘Really thought she was getting married too at first, but nope just the brides mom. I don’t know the bride or her family just through social media, and common friends. But when I saw the pictures I was so confused and then just felt bad for the bride.’

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Horrified Reddit readers hit back, stunned anyone would even think of upstaging the bride herself, let along the mother of the bride. One said, ‘I think this is by far the worst example of women wearing white dresses to weddings ever.’

Another added, ‘Woooow that is literally is a wedding dress,’

 Someone else posted ‘This could have been an okay dress for the MOB if it were ANY other colour.’

wedding dress

Credit: Reddit

And the critical posts kept coming, with no one on the thread defending the mother of the bride's choice of outfit.

Another comment read, ‘I mean she most probably went to a bridal shop to buy it, right?’

And another added, ‘This literally looks like my wedding dress with slightly longer sleeves. YIKES.’