Woman hits back after ‘ungrateful’ husband complains about her homemade soup

Husband branded 'spoilt' and 'ungrateful' in heated online discussion.
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  • When it comes to fussy eaters, it's usually the kids we have to cope with but this time the husband wasn't happy with his wife's homemade soup.

    Whether they’re refusing to eat their greens or try the new healthy recipe we’ve painstakingly cooked, there’s no doubt kids can be difficult customers at dinner time.

    But annoyed mum and wife got the internet into a rage when she described how her husband fell into a sulk and refused to eat her homemade soup.

    Posted on the internet forum, Reddit, the exasperated wife described how she rarely made soups or stews because her husband had always said he didn’t like them.

    However, she loves them and one evening needed to make something quick and easy so she made a ground beef, rice and vegetable soup. Sounds delicious right?

    homemade soup

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    Well, her teenage kids loved it – guzzling down two bowls each – but her stony faced husband on the other hand, wasn’t impressed. ‘He would not even try it at first, saying he wasn’t hungry. Then he took a few bites and left it on the table,’ she explains.  He later told her she was inconsiderate for making something he doesn’t like but she thinks he’s the one being rude.

    She added, ‘I think that it is rude to complain about a meal someone else makes for you. I do the bulk of the cooking and often make things I know he will love, even though I am not crazy about them, like shrimp.’

    Thankfully, Reddit users had her back with many of them slamming the husband for being ‘incredibly rude’.

    homemade soup

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    One wrote, ‘He presumably is an adult and capable of cooking or ordering food if he doesn’t like what is being offered. But how hard is it to suck it up and eat something you aren’t super crazy about. It’s not like it’s a food intolerance or allergy. This sets a terrible example for the kids and is incredibly rude to you.’

    Another added, ‘When my wife makes something that’s not my fave, I just make something I like. Because she gets to enjoy her food and I get to enjoy mine.’

    And a third said, ‘Why should every meal cater solely to his likes and dislikes? A rotating schedule is more than fair given that you’re doing all the cooking. If he continues to have a problem with this, maybe he should do the cooking.’

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