Chilli, lime and lemongrass ice cream recipe

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Be adventurous try a hint of chilli to heat up your ice cream! For more Woman's Weekly recipes visit

  • healthy
Preparation Time15 mins
Cooking Time20 mins
Total Time35 mins Does not include time in freezer
Nutrition Per PortionRDA
Calories305 Kcal15%
Fat20 g29%
Saturated Fat13.5 g68%

Try something different and try a hint of chilli to spice up your ice cream! It really brings out the flavour of this exotic Thai-style dessert


  • 400ml can coconut cream or coconut milk
  • 125g (4oz) caster sugar
  • 2 red chillies, deseeded and chopped
  • 8-10 lime leaves, fresh or dried
  • 10cm (4in) length lemongrass, halved lengthways and crushed
  • 150ml carton double cream
  • 500ml carton chilled, ready-made vanilla custard




  1. Pour the coconut cream, or coconut milk, into a pan and place the pan on the hob; bring it to the boil. Remove pan from the heat, add the sugar, and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Add the chopped chilli, lime leaves and lemongrass to the pan and leave to infuse, until the mixture is cold.
  2. Remove the lime leaves and the lemongrass from the pan, then stir in the double cream and the custard. Pour the mixture into a freezer-proof container and freeze it, stirring it occasionally to break down any large ice crystals. Or, churn the mixture in an ice-cream machine until it’s frozen, then transfer it to a suitable container and store in the freezer.
  3. Remove the ice cream from the freezer about 10-15 mins before serving it, so it starts to soften slightly and is easier to scoop.
Top Tip for making Chilli, lime and lemongrass ice cream

We found that this ice cream is at its most delicious about a week after it's made, as the flavours seem to mellow and blend together better


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