Chocolate and marshmallow birthday cake recipe

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Try our delicious chocolate marshmallow cake recipe for your kids' birthday cake. For more birthday cakes visit

Preparation Time40 mins
Cooking Time55 mins (plus chilling time)
Total Time1 hours 35 mins

Kids will love this deliciously sweet chocolate and marshmallow birthday cake. Watch it disappear within minutes of serving


For the

birthday cake


  • 125g (4½ oz) good-quality dark chocolate, broken into pieces125g (4½ oz) unsalted butter
  • 175g (6oz) caster sugar
  • 5 large eggs, separated
  • 55g (2oz) plain flour
  • 125g (4½ oz) ground almonds

For the

filling and icing


  • 250ml (9fl oz) double cream
  • 55g (2oz) marshmallows
  • 250g (9oz) good-quality dark chocolate, chopped

For the

marshmallow topping


  • 300ml (½ pt) double cream, whipped
  • 150g (5½ oz) marshmallows




  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C (350°F, gas mark 4). Melt the chocolate pieces in a heatproof bowl set over a pan of simmering water.
  2. Using an electric mixer, cream the butter with 125g (4½ oz) of the sugar until pale and light. Beat in the egg yolks one by one. Whisk the whites and the remaining sugar until stiff.
  3. Add the melted chocolate to the butter mix with the flour and almonds, and fold in gently. Fold in the egg whites, then spoon into a 20cm (8in) round cake tin (greased and base-lined with greaseproof paper) and cook for 30-40 mins or until the centre is just set. Leave to cool for 5 mins, then turn out on to a wire rack to cool completely.
  4. For the filling and icing, heat the cream and marshmallows until the cream is just boiling and the marshmallows have melted, stirring continuously. Pour over the chopped chocolate and mix gently until smooth, thick and glossy.
  5. Carefully cut the sponge horizontally into four. Spread three layers with some of the filling and sandwich together. Use the remaining mixture as an icing and spread on the top and sides of the cake. Chill until set.
  6. Spoon the whipped cream on top of the cake and decorate with a mound of marshmallows.
Top Tip for making Chocolate and marshmallow birthday cake

Try not to rush when you're cutting the sponge into four: the layers aren't thick and the birthday cake will be very moist because of the chocolate.


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