Chocolate granola cups recipe

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A lovely quick chocolate treat to make with the kids and they take just 10 mins to prepare - try our chocolate granola cups!

Preparation Time10 mins (plus cooling time)
Total Time10 mins (plus cooling time)
Cost RangeCheap

Mummy blogger, B says: I have quite a sweet tooth, and towards the end of my pregnancy this kicked in with a vengeance. Conscious of not wanting to gorge on too much sugar, but wanting something to give me an energy boost, I came up with this and it seemed to do the trick. The granola is something I tend to always have in the cupboard anyway. You can buy big supermarket own brand bags of this fairly cheaply, it lasts ages, is great for snacking on, and good for breakfast too. There are no exact quantities to this recipe as you can make it to what consistency you want. Here’s what I do to make approximately 15 fairy cake sized chewy, chocolatey, nutty morsels.


  • 100g dark chocolate (doesn’t have to be the super-expensive, posh stuff, but the darker the chocolate, the more antioxidants, and there’s even studies that show it’s good for you in pregnancy. Win!)
  • 260g chocolate nougat/whippy bars (I buy a pack of 10 supermarket own brand, which usually costs me £1.16 - pretty inexpensive)
  • 200g raisin and oat granola (packed with oats, nuts, and raisins; all good for energy. I buy a kilo bag for less than £2, and it lasts me a long time)
  • 20g butter (salted or unsalted - it’s up to you)




  1. Simply melt all the chocolate and butter over a bain marie. Be sure to keep stirring it to help it melt. It will look like the mixture is beginning to seize, but don’t worry, that’s just the nougat doing its thing.
  2. Keep melting and stirring until there are as few lumps as possible, take it off the heat, and stir in your granola. If you can resist eating it whilst it’s still warm and gooey, spoon it into individual cupcake cases, or whatever sized container you have/want. Be sure to grease the container though, if you’re not using a baking liner. Leave to cool to room temp., and then leave in fridge to cool completely.
Top Tip for making Chocolate granola cups

If you like your chocolate a little more bitter, then replace some of the whippy bars with more dark chocolate. If you want your chocolate mixture to be smoother and looser, try using more butter or some honey or golden syrup. Enjoy!


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