Dinosaur salad recipe

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makes: 1
Skill: easy
Cost: cheap
Prep: 5 min
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  • We all know getting little ones to eat lots of fruits and veggies can be a bit of struggle sometimes (for some reason chips always look more appealing!) but with this recipe for a fun and easy dinosaur salad you’ll have the kids munching through their 5-a-day in no time at all. This is just one example of fun ways to get children interested in a healthy plate of food, but the general principle can be applied to almost anything – faces on pizzas, animals made out of fruit salad, sandwiches cut into shapes – anything you can do to make their plate more appealing is a winner. If you’re feeling particularly patient you could get little ones to build their own dinos. Simply lay out all the ingredients cut up into shapes and let them go wild, we bet you get some inventive species!


    • 5cm pieces of cucumber, skin still on
    • 3 baby gem lettuce leaves
    • 1 small piece orange pepper
    • 3 sugar snap peas


    • Cut one round from an end of your piece of cucumber, and cut it in half to make the dinosaur’s face.

    • Next, slice horizontally down either side of your chunk of cucumber to get two skin-covered slices. Chop these into 10 spikes, four for the feet and six for your dinosaur’s back.

    • Slice a small piece of pepper and chop it into two small squares, which are both slightly smaller at one end, for your dinosaur’s eyes.

    • Now it’s time to build your dinosaur salad. Layer three pieces of lettuce on a plate, creating a crescent shape for the body. Top with three sugar snap peas, arrange the cucumber spikes along the dipped edge for the dinosaur’s spikes, and use your two semi circle slices of cucumber to make the head. Add the two pepper eyes and finally put the last four triangles of cucumber at the bottom, to look like feet.

    Top tip for making Dinosaur salad

    This makes a great lunch or side at dinner time for kids

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