Elderflower mocktail recipe

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An elderflower mocktail is a sweet and refreshing summer drink. This sparkling drink is a perfect non alcoholic alternative for picnics or parties

Preparation Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Cost RangeCheap

An elderflower mocktail is a sweet and refreshing summer drink. 

This sparkling drink is a perfect non alcoholic alternative to a cocktail for summer picnics or drinks parties. We’ve used pomegranate juice to give a fruity flavour and beautiful deep colour to our elderflower mocktail. Making your own mocktail is so easy, you simply need to combine the elderflower cordial, pomegranate juice, and sparking water and stir – no cocktail shaker required. =


  • 150ml elderflower cordial
  • 300ml pomegranate juice
  • 1ltr sparkling water




  1. Combine the elderflower cordial with the pomegranate juice in a jug. Stir in the sparkling water. Pour into bottles and chill.

Top tips for making elderflower mocktail

The beauty about making your own cocktail is that you can slightly adjust the quantities to suit your own tastes and preferences. Elderflower is a popular choice during the summer months. This cordial is a syrupy liquid made from the flowers of the elderberry plant, with recipes for it being traced back to Roman times. 

Elderflower is in season from May until June, meaning products made from them are always popular during the British summer. Elderflower cordial can be simply diluted, or mixed with sparking water, but the addition of pomegranate juice in our elderflower mocktail makes it something a bit more special. 

Pomegranates originated in the Middle East but are now popular all over the world. Their seeds are great for snacking on, and their juice makes a refreshing drink. Pomegranate also has several health benefits, including being a source of vitamins K and C and having anti-inflammatory effects. 

This elderflower mocktail with pomegranate is a great way to get a little more of the goodness of pomegranate into your diet. Older kids will love being able to have their own version of a summer cocktail to drink at picnics and parties too.


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