Fresh fruit Christmas tree recipe

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This festive fruit tree recipe is a perfect addition to any Christmas dining table, a refreshing centrepiece the whole family will enjoy.

Preparation Time20 mins
Total Time20 mins

This festive fruit tree makes a fabulous centre piece for any Christmas table. Made from a selection of colourful and delicious fruit the tree could stay as a table attraction throughout the Christmas meal or it could be brought on just before dessert. Guests will enjoy a refreshing piece of fruit from the tree after the rich dining of a traditional Christmas lunch or dinner. Children will also love the tree. You could vary the fruit to include your favourites and if you are serving lots of guests why not arrange 2 or 3 fruit trees on the table.


  • 1 large apple
  • 2tsp lemon juice
  • 1 large kiwi fruit
  • Approx 26 red grapes and 26 green grapes
  • Approx 18 strawberries (stalks left on)

You will also need


  • 1 medium star-shaped cutter
  • 1 polystyrene cone approx. 19.5cm high, 7cm base diameter
  • Cocktail sticks




  1. Peel the apple and slice off the round edge. Cut a large slice, approx 5mm thick and place on a board. Use the star cutter to stamp out a star. Brush the apple on both sides with the lemon juice to prevent browning.
  2. Place the polystyrene cone on a serving plate. Leaving the skin intact, trim the ends from the kiwi fruit then cut into medium-thick slices.
  3. Place all the fruit on the end of cocktail sticks including the apple star. Insert the apple star into the top of the cone then arrange the remaining fruit around the cone. Cover with cling film if not serving straight away and serve within a few hours of assembling.
Top Tip for making Fresh fruit Christmas tree

Polystyrene cones are available from craft shops and online. There are a variety of sizes available. If you prefer a large table centre piece, simply increase the fruit.