Mini Egg wreath recipe

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The kids are going to love making this amazing Mini Egg wreath for Easter. It's the perfect centre piece alongside your Easter desserts

Mini Egg wreath
Preparation Time30 mins
Total Time30 mins plus setting time
Cost RangeCheap

If you're looking to make something different this Easter how about making this impressive Mini Egg wreath.

This Mini Egg wreath is a great way to use pretty, delicious Mini Eggs at Easter time. This is a simple, no-bake recipe to make with the kids. Get those hands sticky while shaping a simple marshmallow and Shredded Wheat wreath and let the kids get creative decorating it with those addictive Mini Eggs. This would make a great table centre piece for Easter lunch and your little helper will be so proud to have had a hand in making it. This recipe uses white chocolate but if you'd like a more rocky road looking wreath, swap for milk or dark chocolate instead. It only takes 5 simple ingredients to make this impressive wreath. This recipe will take 30 mins to make plus setting time. This recipe will serve around 6 people.


For this Easter recipe you will need:

  • 300g mini marshmallows
  • 45g butter
  • 175g Shredded Wheat
  • 25g melted white chocolate
  • 100g–150g Mini Eggs




  1. The first task is to crumble the Shredded Wheat into small pieces. It goes without saying that this is a great job for a little helper! Place the crispy shredded wheat into a mixing bowl and let your child use their hands to break it all up.
  2. Weigh the mini marshmallows and butter into a large microwavable mixing bowl. Transfer the mixing bowl into the microwave and heat on high, in 20 second intervals, stirring in between, until the marshmallows and butter have melted. The mixture will be on the warm side so be ready with the oven gloves!
  3. Your little helper can now tip the crumbled Shredded Wheat into the marshmallow mixture while you stir. The mixture will be very stiff and sticky!
  4. Once the mixture has combined, you will need to tip it out onto a piece of baking paper or cling film. Now you are ready to shape it into a wreath.
  5. The mixture will be incredibly sticky; there's no getting away from it! You can wipe some oil over your hands before you start shaping to decrease the stickiness!
  6. Once you have created a wreath shape, and wiped your hands clean, it’s time to get decorating. Weigh the white chocolate into a small microwavable bowl and heat in the microwave, on high, for around 20 seconds. It's only a small quantity of chocolate so keep a watchful eye; it won't take long to melt.
  7. Now your child can get creative and take the lead. They can decorate the wreath with the mini eggs, using the melted white chocolate as the 'glue'. While they are busy, you may feel inclined to quality control any leftover Mini Eggs!
  8. Leave the pretty Mini Egg wreath to set for an hour or so before cutting a tasty slice.
Top Tip for making Mini Egg wreath

You could make smaller, individual Mini Egg wreaths using this mixture too.

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