Easter food traditions: 12 things you eat at Easter and why we eat them

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  • Easter food traditions, from giving Easter eggs to eating hot cross buns, have been a part of our Easter celebrations for years.

    Have you ever wondered why Easter lunch comprises of mum’s roast lamb and lots of juicy carrots? Or why the marzipan-covered Simnel cake is popular at this time of year? Or what the cross on the top of a hot cross bun is for?

    Many Easter food traditions go back hundreds, if not thousands, of years. And while it may seem obvious why we eat some foods, like lamb being a popular seasonal dish in the spring, many of the things we enjoy at this time of year have deeper meaning behind their origins too.

    The majority of the Easter food traditions we know and love now have religious origins. Though some foods have developed their own significance as Easter symbols in modern times too.

    Celebrating Easter is most commonly associated with the Christian faith. However, some Easter traditions are also pre-date back to Pagan rituals too. These rituals celebrated the arrival of Spring and the equinox which occurs around the same time.

    So, before you tuck into your Easter eggs this year why not find out their origin and significance at this time of year? Swat up on these Easter food traditions and share your new-found knowledge with family and friends over your Easter feast this year…