Steak on sticks recipe

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serves: 8
Skill: easy
Prep: 5 min
Cooking: 6 min
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  • This steak recipe is an ideal party food option that is tender, simple and delicious. Your party guests will love tucking into these treats. Make sure you serve your steak pieces with tangy dips such as cooling cucumber and garlic dip or cheese fondue for extra taste. Depending on the size of the steak, cook for 6mins but just make sure you don’t overcook your steak otherwise you’ll end up with chewy pieces instead of soft, succulent bites. Cut your steak into small cubes so they’re a mouthful each – ideal for kids. You could add chopped veggies to your steak on sticks turning them into mini kebabs.

    Learn how to cook steak perfectly with our easy and informative guide!


    • 400g Aberdeen Angus steak, about 3cm thick
    • 1 clove garlic, peeled and crushed
    • 1tbsp thyme leaves
    • 1 lime, grated zest and juice
    • 1tsp Worcestershire sauce
    • 2tsps olive oil
    • Lime wedges, to serve


    • Put the steak in a shallow dish and rub over the garlic, thyme and lime zest, Worcestershire sauce and olive oil. Leave to marinate for 2 hrs.

    • Squeeze juice from the lime over.

    • Heat a griddle pan and sear the steak on a high heat for about 3 mins on each side. Put on a plate, cover with foil and leave it to rest for 10 mins.

    • Cut into 2cm cubes. Spear with cocktail sticks. Serve with lime wedges.

    Top tip for making Steak on sticks

    Take care not to overcook the steak or it may become tough

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