Cybex Zeno pushchair review

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"As a runner and a mother, the Cybex Zeno is the ideal pushchair. It’s a beautifully designed buggy that helps sporty parents keep up with an active lifestyle. It's like no other buggy you can buy."

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Beautifully stylish

  • +

    Impressively versatile

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    A dream to push uphill

Reasons to avoid
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    Not suitable for off-road

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    Not suitable from birth

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Our Cybex Zeno review will help you decide if this is the best running buggy for you.

If you’re the kind of mum or dad who loves pounding the pavement, you’ve probably already searched for the best running buggy. Chances are you’ve heard of this one and you're reading this Cybex Zeno review to find out if it's worth investing in. Well, is it?

In a word, yes. Included in our round-up of the best pushchairs, the Cybex Zeno is a really remarkable stroller that’s perfect for active, sporty parents who see no reason to hang up their running shoes once a baby comes along.

It’s impressively versatile, too. You can use it as a traditional running buggy or purchase the Pull Running Kit (£169.95) to attach it to your waist for hands-free running. In addition, a Cycling Kit (£124.95) turns it into a bike trailer for your baby, and it’s even suitable for use when cross-country skiing. Could be handy for winter?!

The pushchair frame is available in three colours - black/pink, creme/orange, and black/black. The seat pack comes in silver pink, bleached sand, medal grey, maliblue, or all black.

The Cybex Zeno pushchair

Credit: Cybex

Cybex Zeno pushchair review: how we tested it

We asked mum and keen runner Oli Oakley to put the Cybex Zeno pushchair to the test with her baby daughter, Sunny. They tested it together in its various modes. Oli ran her usual running routes with her daughter in the buggy for a number of weeks. Using her comprehensive feedback, we compiled this Cybex Zeno pushchair review to help you decide whether this might be the perfect pushchair for you.

Cybex Zeno pushchair review: Design

Suitable for ages: 6 months to approx. 4 years (111 cm or 22 kg max.)

The first thing you notice about the Cybex Zeno is how stylish it is. 'The wheels and spring suspension are colour coded to the chassis and it has light reflection panels on the sides for night-time safety,' says our reviewer, Oli. 'The seat inside is very comfortable and well-padded with a seat belt and headrest. It also comes with a rain cover and has a sunshade plus a full zip-up mesh for the front.'

The handlebar is adjustable - a handy feature if both parents are runners but of different heights. Our tester found it comfortable to hold whilst running. She likes the safety strap that loops around your wrist to stop the pushchair rolling away from you when you pause to take a breath mid-run. The Zeno also has a hand brake as well as the standard footbrake - another feature our tester loved. 'The handbrake gives you complete control over the buggy and means you can stop very quickly if necessary.'

In terms of assembly, the Cybex Zeno posed no major challenges for our parent tester. It has a fixed front wheel that attaches and detaches according to whichever mode you're using, although she found this made turning corners a little tricky. 'That took some getting used to. You have to push down on the back wheels to turn the buggy,' Oli explains.

It's worth noting that the Cybex Zeno fares better on smoother ground. It's designed for use on city streets and level terrain. Off-road running is probably off-limits but it's perfect for pounding the pavement, thanks to the lightweight aluminium frame, wide wheelbase, and large air-filled tires.

Cybex Zeno pushchair review: Comfort and features

The feature that most impressed our tester about the Cybex Zeno? How comfortable it is to use. 'The hands-free feature of this buggy is like nothing I have ever seen or used before, and makes the Zeno like no other buggy on the market,' says Oli. 'The Pull Running Kit attaches to the buggy instead of the front wheel - you drop the seat down and replace the front wheel with the pulling connection, and you have a big adjustable strap that fits comfortably around your waist.'

Getting to grips with this functionality took some time for our tester. But she's a big fan of the Cybex Zeno because of its innovative hands-free running mode. 'It's fun having your arms completely free when running with a buggy, and it's actually surprisingly light and easy to pull. The child seems very safe and comfortable while you run, but it's a really different running experience and takes some getting used to.'

Cybex Zeno pushchair review: Value for money

A running buggy is typically more expensive than a standard pushchair. That's to be expected. The craftsmanship of a running pushchair is reflected in the price. But our parent tester thinks the Cybex Zeno is well-priced for such an impressive piece of kit. (The Cybex Zeno normally costs £739.90. With the cycling kit, it's £864.85 and with the hands-free running kit it's £909.85.)

'All in all, I love the Cybex Zeno - it's a very stylish-looking buggy and I've had many compliments about it, plus it's very comfortable for my baby and she seems happy in it,' she says. 'It is an expensive pushchair, but if you are an active parent and would use all the elements then it's a worthwhile investment. It has everything you need to continue with an active lifestyle while caring for your child.'

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