Ewan Deluxe Baby Shushing Sleep Sheep review

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“A soft sleep aid with a cute sheep design and truly soothing sounds to calm your baby.”

Reasons to buy
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    Cute appearance

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    Cry sensor

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    Truly relaxing sounds

Reasons to avoid
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    Tricky to get the hang of

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    Turns itself off after four hours

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One of the most popular sleep aids on the market, Ewan Deluxe Baby Shushing Sleep Sheep is instantly recognisable thanks to his fluffy body, big eyes, and floppy ears.

But Ewan isn’t just cute to look at: he also comes packed with clever features to get your baby to fall asleep. We asked parent reviewer Gina Osen to put the Ewan Deluxe Baby Shushing Sleep Sheep to the test with Nathan, four months. Read our review to see if it's the best baby sleep aid for your little one.

Ewan Deluxe offers five different sounds: a vacuum cleaner and heartbeat sound, a rainfall and heartbeat sound, a harp melody and heartbeat sound, a womb and heartbeat sound, and a shush and heartbeat sound so you can find the perfect noise to make your baby sleepy.

He also has a red glow to help your baby fall asleep, and a smart cry sensor, which listens out and activates him every time your baby stirs or cries. 


sheep night light

Credit: Sweet Dreamers


Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs: 390g | Age: From birth

One of the main selling points of the Ewan Deluxe Baby Shushing Sleep Sheep is how cute he looks, meaning he’ll appeal as much to babies as he does to tired parents in need of longer stretches of sleep. 

He has a Velcro tail that also functions as a strap, making him portable and easy to strap onto prams, cots, or cribs. He’s also machine washable - ideal for the messy baby stage of life.

Gina found Ewan easy to set up and get the hang of, and enjoyed the different functionalities, sounds, and colours that he offered.

“Ewan is multi-functional, easy to use, and has a nice design as a friendly sheep,” she says. 

I also put this to the test with my oe-year-old daughter, Mia. We found Ewan Deluxe Baby Shushing Sleep Sheep to be adorable, cuddly, and most importantly, seriously relaxing to listen to. His variety of noises put me to sleep as well as Mia, and I thoroughly appreciated the smartCRY sensor, meaning I didn’t have to get out of bed to turn him back on if Mia woke up in the night.

Comfort and features 

As well as Ewan’s wide variety of noises, which are designed to recreate the environment of the womb, parents appreciate the intelligent smartCRY sensor, which listens out for babies crying and activates when they stir. 

This helps Ewan resettle babies without parents needing to get out of bed to comfort their little ones. He also emits a soft, red, “melatonin-inducing" glow to soothe disgruntled babies. 

The makers of Ewan have gone the extra mile when creating him, even using a real heartbeat in the background rather than a computer-generated one. 

“I liked the cute sheep design and the fact that it’s interactive,” adds Gina. “I found it really calming for the baby.” 

I personally found the addition of the heartbeat really relaxing compared to standard white or pink noise, and Mia found it soothing too, almost instantly calming down when she heard him come to life. 

Sweet Dreamers, Ewan Deluxe

Value for money 

Ewan costs slightly more than other white noise products in our round-up, which can be attributed to his smartCRY sensor, his variety of sounds, and the fact he also has a light feature. While Gina felt the sleep aid was “slightly overpriced”, she appreciated the product’s ease of use and “sweet” design. 

The fact that the Ewan Deluxe Sleep Sheep is machine washable with a removable control pod is another selling point, as this prolongs his life span and makes him easy to keep clean to reuse for future children or to sell on in the future. 

The Ewan Deluxe Sleep Sheep also switches off automatically, which helps to conserve his battery life, and means parents don’t have to creep into the nursery to switch him off.

Having tested a variety of sleep aids myself, I feel the high quality of Ewan’s relaxing sounds - and his cuteness, of course - make him worth the price.

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