HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper Premiere review

HALO BassiNest® Swivel Sleeper Premiere
GoodtoKnow Verdict

'Because of its unique features, it can’t fail to improve on bedtime and make life as a parent easier in general.'

Reasons to buy
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    360-degree spin

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    Soothing centre

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    Easy to lower sides

Reasons to avoid
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    Only one colour

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American safe sleep brand HALO’s rotating bedside crib has recently arrived in the UK.

The HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper Premiere offers multiple unique features, such as its ability to rotate 360 degrees, and a built-in soothing centre with calming sounds, vibration, night light and a timer. It gets our vote as the best premium option in our guide to the best bedside cribs.

The product was tested by Leya Goldsmith and her son Eden, six weeks. Leya appreciated the safety the bedside crib provides, and found its features make it stand out from the pack.

'The BassiNest is a well-designed bedside crib clearly developed with parent and baby in mind,' she explains. 'It swivels 360 degrees, rotates and is height-adjustable helping you to tend to baby without having to get out of bed. These features allow you to be able to co-sleep safely with your baby.'

HALO BassiNest® Swivel Sleeper Premiere

Credit: HALO


Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs: 14.8kg| Age: From birth

The BassiNest has an unusual design compared to the rigid look of most other bedside cribs thanks to its rotating capability. Looks-wise, it’s aesthetically pleasing and understated, with a soft grey and white colour palette and breathable mesh walls. 

Leya loved the design of the crib and felt it had been perfectly tailored to the needs of newborns and tired new parents. She also admired the crib’s stylish but simple aesthetic. 'The overall design and features are great and I feel they have clearly been thought about for parents and baby,' says Leya. 'I have the Pebble Fabric; it’s good quality with a lovely clean fresh design.'

Comfort and features 

As well as being attractive, Leya appreciated the practicality of the BassiNest’s features, saying they made the tough first few weeks as a parent feel easier. As well as the swivel feature, other excellent perks include the soothing centre with calming sounds, vibration and nightlights, and the adjustable stand to fit multiple bed heights. 

'I love that it swings 360 degrees and rotates so you can move baby closer to you when needed, without getting out of bed or for co-sleeping without the baby being in your bed,' she says. 'I struggled before to find a bedside crib that went high enough for our bed, but this is great as it adjusts to 84cm. It’s very easy to adjust and swivel. One side can be let down which makes it easier to pick the baby up or put them back again without having to get out of bed - ideal for mums that have had a Caesarean or need bed rest. I really like that it has a sound, light and vibration bar attached too.'

Value for money 

The BassiNest is one of the pricier bedside cribs available, but Leya feels it represents fantastic value for money, as it has additional features - such as the built-in soothing centre and rotation option - which other bedside cribs don’t. 'Due to each one of the unique features, innovative design and high level of quality, the product stands out above its competitors,' she adds. 'I think all parents would benefit in some way from using this crib, especially parents that want to co-sleep or have had a C-section. In the past, I’ve used a Moses basket and a bedside crib for my two other children - but this bassinet has definitely been the best.'

Deborah Cicurel

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