8 of the best bedside cribs 2022 – for safe sleeping from birth

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  • A bedside crib is a must-have product for those first few tiring months of caring for a newborn. Here’s our pick of the best bedside cribs to help your baby – and you – sleep safely and soundly.

    A bedside crib is a safe way of sleeping close to your little one and can be used either as a standalone crib or attached to the parent’s bed with straps. We’ve selected eight of the best bedside cribs, each with its own standout features, and asked a panel of new parents to put them to the test. We chose bedside cribs in a range of price points, from the most affordable to those with all the bells and whistles to enable a great night’s sleep. 

    Our panel of parents tried out the best bedside cribs with their babies, all aged between just a couple of weeks and five months old. They rated the cribs on everything from design appeal and functionality to comfort and value for money. If you’re getting the nursery ready for a new arrival, you might also like to take a look at our best Moses baskets buying guide. And our guide to the best baby sleep aids will help you pick the perfect bedtime companion for your baby.

    The best bedside cribs 2022:

    The Silver Cross Voyager gets our vote as the best bedside crib overall. It offers excellent portability, an incline option and a handy storage shelf. It also has wheels to help rock your baby to sleep.

    Our parents crowned the HALO BassiNest the best premium bedside crib. It can spin 360-degrees to make life easier for tired parents, and it has sound, light and vibration functionality to help soothe your baby to sleep.

    For those on a budget, our testers loved the Ickle Bubba Bubba&Me, which has beautiful aesthetics and handy extra features but without costing the earth.

    1. Silver Cross Voyager Co-Sleeper

    Practical, stylish and portable, this co-sleeper is packed with additional features, making it the best bedside crib overall

    Silver Cross Voyager Co-Sleeper

    Credit: Silver Cross

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs: 11kg | Suitability: From birth


    Pros Cons
    ✅ Portable
    ✅ Incline for reflux
    ✅ Wheels for rocking 
    ❌Only one colourway
    ❌Fiddly zip
    ❌Travel bag only has a short strap 

    Established in 1877 in Yorkshire, the Silver Cross brand has been around for aeons, and it definitely knows how to produce a winning product. The Voyager Co-Sleeper is designed to make life significantly easier for parents. Not only is it incredible portable, coming with its very own travel bag, but it also offers seven adjustable height positions, an incline setting for babies prone to reflux, and a useful storage shelf too. 

    Voting for it as the best bedside crib overall, our tester says she was blown away by how practical and feature-packed this bedside crib is, all at an affordable price. 

    The Voyager was tested by Jo Adnitt and baby Elara, 14 weeks, who were both big fans of the co-sleeper. Jo raved about the product’s ease of use, high-quality composition and value for money. 

    ‘Its simple folding mechanism makes it genuinely portable for travel,’ she explained. ‘The frame, set on four solid wheels, allows for smooth rocking and simple manoeuvring between rooms, and the durable fabrics and luxurious deep foam mattress make for a comfortable but supportive sleep. This bedside crib offers excellent value for money for such a quality product, and I’d recommend it to anyone who prioritises stylish quality products that are practical and genuinely work.’

    Our tester also loves how portable this bedside crib is, making it brilliant for travel use. ‘Many co-sleepers claim to double as travel cots but most are so fiddly that parents just wouldn’t bother,’ added Jo.As a travel cot though, the Voyager is genuinely simple to construct and deconstruct – folding easily in on itself – and it fits neatly in the included waterproof black travel bag with short handles.’

    2. HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper Premiere 

    With sound and light features, vibrations and a 360-degree swivel, this is our pick of the best premium bedside crib

    HALO BassiNest® Swivel Sleeper Premiere

    Credit: HALO

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs:  14.8kg | Suitability: From birth

    Pros Cons
    ✅ 360 degree spin
    ✅ Soothing light and sound features
    ✅ Sides are easy to lower
    ❌Heavy to lift
    ❌Only one colourway

    The BassiNest, from the American safe sleep brand HALO, is a unique kind of bedside crib with additional features that truly do make life easier for exhausted new parents. It swivels 360-degrees, which is a godsend. This not only allows the baby to sleep even closer to you, while still absolutely safe but is also a much-needed feature for recovering mums. This makes it stand out as a winner among the best bedside cribs.

    The BassiNest’s bedside wall is also super-easy to lower, making bleary-eyed 3 am feeds much easier without too much manoeuvring. There’s also a soothing centre, which includes sounds, night light and two levels of vibrations. This is especially helpful when trying to soothe your baby back to sleep. 

    Our tester Leya Goldsmith, who is mum to Eden, six weeks, was a huge fan of the HALO BassiNest. She commented: ‘I’ve used a Moses basket and a bedside crib for my two other children but this bassinet has definitely been the best!’

    Leya feels the bedside crib is designed with exactly what parents need for those exhausting first few months of parenthood. In particular, she found the swivelling feature incredibly helpful when recovering from birth. ‘The overall design and features are great and I feel they have clearly been thought about for both parents and baby,’ Leya added.One side can be let down which makes it easier to pick the baby up or put them back down again without having to get out of bed – ideal for mums who have had a Caesarean or need bed rest.

    Due to the unique features, the innovative design and the high level of quality, this bedside crib stands out above its competitors.

    3. Ickle Bubba Bubba&Me Bedside Crib 

    A great value yet chic, minimalist crib with useful added extras – earning this ‘best budget bedside crib’ in our roundup

    Ickle Bubba Bubba&Me Bedside Crib

    Credit: Ickle Bubba

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs: 5.5kg | Suitability: From birth

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Affordable
    ✅ Includes travel bag
    ✅ Lightweight
    ❌Doesn’t rock
    ❌Only one colour in starting price
    ❌No reflux setting

    For parents on a budget, the Bubba&Me, from affordable British baby brand Ickle Bubble, is a great option that offers brilliant value for money. 

    The most affordable bedside crib in our roundup, the Bubba&Me doesn’t compromise on features despite its great price. It has seven height positions, a carry bag for transportation and a generously-sized storage compartment for keeping baby necessities close by. ‘I would definitely recommend having a bedside crib like this one for anyone with babies under six months as it’s sturdier than a Moses basket and lasts longer,’ said our parent reviewer, Alexis Hankin, who tested out the crib with her son Reuben, five months. 

    Unlike many of its more expensive counterparts, this bedside crib is easy to assemble. It doesn’t scrimp on quality, with washable inner fabrics for ease of cleaning, mesh windows to keep baby easily in view, and a comfy mattress included too. The crib also comes with adjustable straps to secure it to the parents’ bed. 

    It comes in a dark grey, or if you buy the Bubba&Me Plus for an extra £40, you can get the crib in a lighter grey and wood effect colour, with two fitted sheets included. 

    Alexis was impressed by the sleek, gender-neutral look of the crib, as well as its price compared to the rest of the bedside crib market. ‘I think it offers excellent value for money, especially as most of its competitors are more expensive,’ she added. 

    4. SnuzPod 4 Bedside Crib

    A beautifully designed, bestselling bedside crib packed with useful features for both parents and babies

    SnuzPod 4 Bedside Crib

    Credit: Snuz

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs:  11.5kg | Suitability: From birth 

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Rocking function
    ✅ Reflux incline
    ✅ Lift-off bassinet
    ❌Fiddly to build
    ❌Not portable
    ❌Confusing instructions

    The consistently popular SnuzPod 4 doesn’t just look gorgeous with its sleek Scandi aesthetic but is packed with features to make parents’ lives easier. The curved crib will look great in any nursery or bedroom, with its seven colour options sure to suit any interior style. 

    It comes with a breathable mattress, a machine-washable mesh liner and a reflux incline option. It has a lift-off bassinet so you can use it around your home, and it rocks too. It’s also flexible no matter what size your bed is, as it goes up to a maximum height of 73cm. 

    Our tester, Janina Akiva, and her three-week-old son Natanel loved both the look and the features of the SnuzPod 4. Janina was impressed by how comfortable the crib was, not just for her son, who suffers from reflux, but also for parents to get the hang of.The SnuzPod 4 is stylish, sleek and has a clever design with some features that really make it feel luxurious for my baby,’ she told us. ‘The bassinet is well-padded and the breathable base is a nice bonus. The frame is adjustable to accommodate different heights of beds and also has an extra piece to tilt the cot to help my son who has reflux.

    Janina also loved the flexibility of the crib. It can be used in a nursery or attached to a parents’ bed, as a standalone crib or as a co-sleeper, and either in lift-off bassinet form or with its stand. She also liked that it’s not too bulky, and is stylish enough to fit into any home.Its design is minimalist yet stylish and doesn’t overtake your bedroom,’ she added. ‘It has all the features to be both a standalone cot and also a bedside crib. I like that it’s flexible to be both if I decide to put my baby in his own room before six months.’

    5. Shnuggle Air Bedside Crib 

    An aesthetically beautiful bedside crib that will grow with your child. 

    Shnuggle Air Bedside Crib

    Credit: Shnuggle

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs: 14kg | Suitability: From birth

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Grows with baby
    ✅ Looks beautiful
    ✅ Incline option
    ❌ Conversion kit costs extra
    ❌ Incline setting is fiddly
    ❌ Doesn’t rock

    In a world where most baby products last just a few months, the Shnuggle Air Bedside Crib offers parents longevity and value for money. Beautifully designed with a sturdy wooden frame and calming grey colourways, the Shnuggle Air lasts from birth to six months, and can then be converted into a full-sized cot to last well into the toddler years. 

    This bedside crib includes lots of features to help tired babies and parents. These include breathable, see-through mesh sides, an incline option to support babies with colic and reflux, and seven height adjustments to fit different sizes of beds. 

    ‘This crib appealed as it converts to a cot and can last up to two years, which makes it more economical for you and sustainable for the planet,’ said our parent reviewer Eleanor Hayter, mum to Phoebe, 10 weeks. ‘Also, your baby will not have to get used to two different cots, so this could aid the transition for them into a big cot.’

    Eleanor loved the aesthetics of the Shnuggle Air, the breathability and hypo-allergenic qualities of the mattress and the fact that the crib has a storage section for keeping baby essentials close by. She thinks the crib offers great value for money. ‘The mattress is a hypo-allergenic airflow mattress with 50% more breathability than other brands,’ she added. ‘This really appealed to me as most mums worry about their baby rolling over in the night. It’s reasonably priced, looks great, will grow with your baby, and my baby sleeps through the night at 10 weeks in it – so it’s clearly comfortable!’

    6. Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib 

    An attractive, practical bedside crib that’s easy to assemble and ideal for travel use

    Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib

    Credit: Kiddies Kingdom

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs:  10kg | Suitability: From birth

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Incline setting
    ✅ Easy to assemble
    ✅ Portable
    ❌Doesn’t rock
    ❌No wheels
    ❌Fiddly to fold away

    A stylish bedside crib that sits on the more affordable side of the scale, the Tutti Bambini CoZee is a great option for parents who want an attractive co-sleeper without breaking the bank. Available in three colours, with smart oak legs, the CoZee will fit right into any nursery or bedroom. 

    It offers six height positions, a tilt option for babies suffering from reflux, congestion or colic, and a useful storage shelf to keep baby items close by. Best of all, it takes just a minute to assemble, and it’s easy to disassemble too, coming with its own carry case for parents looking to take it on weekends away. 

    Our parent reviewer Rachel Jacobs and her son Ariel, four months, loved how easy it was to get going with the crib. Rachel said: ‘The crib comes straight out the box and just clicks itself upright with a few simple movements. There are no screws or tools involved. Having set the crib up with a crying baby at home, this was an amazing convenience for us!’

    Rachel also appreciated the generous size of the crib, saying she thought this allowed for safe co-sleeping for longer. ‘Having seen a number of friends forced to move their baby out of their room into their own room due to the baby having outgrown the crib, this crib allows for same-room sleeping for far longer,’ she explained. ‘Our baby likes to stretch out and even at four months, he is not reaching any of the four sides!’

    (Also available from KiddiesKingdom | £159.99)

    7. Chicco Next2me Magic 2 Crib 

    The popular bedside crib from Chicco is packed with features to help babies and parents sleep more soundly.

    Chicco Next2me Magic 2 Crib

    Credit: Chicco

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs:  11.9kg | Suitability: From birth

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Large and spacious
    ✅ Rocking function
    ✅ Reflux tilt
    ❌Confusing instructions
    ❌Not particularly stylish

    One of the best-known bedside cribs on the market, the Chicco Next2me Magic 2 Crib is a great choice for parents who want to invest in a co-sleeper packed with features. Some of the Next2me Magic’s standout features include its tilting capability for babies with reflux, its 11 height settings to fit different beds, its rocking mode to soothe baby, and its wheels for portability. It’s incredibly breathable, with two large mesh windows and a 3D mesh cover for its mattress too. It’s also generously sized to last as long as possible, which makes it a sound investment. 

    ‘The Next2me Magic offers flexibility of use, and has plenty of functions built in to meet most, if not all, of baby’s needs,’ said our parent tester, Katy Islip, who tried out the crib alongside her daughter Beatrice, two weeks.The Next 2 Me Magic has multiple bed height and attachment options to allow it to suit most bed frames, as well rocking and tilt functions which can be used when it is in standalone crib mode.’

    Katie added: ‘The good sizing also gives it longevity which for me is a total win. Babies come with so many things that often don’t last or suffice past a certain stage, so it’s great to have a major investment like a bed that will remain suitable from birth to pretty much whenever you decide to move them into their own room or permanent bed – within reason, of course!’

    8. Maxi Cosi Iora Co-Sleeper 

    An attractive, affordable bedside co-sleeper that’s portable and easy to assemble

    Maxi Cosi Iora Co-sleeper

    Credit: Maxi Cosi

    Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs: 10.8kg | Suitability: From birth

    Pros Cons
    ✅ Ease of assembly
    ✅ Value for money
    ✅ Portability
    ❌ No reflux incline
    ❌No rocking function
    ❌Heavy to lift

    Created by car seat giants Maxi Cosi, you can be sure that the Iora Co-Sleeper has been designed with safety and practicality in mind. It’s a stylishly designed option, with three colour options, that sits in the middle of the price spectrum. 

    The Iora Co-Sleeper is a doddle to assemble and fix next to your bed thanks to its five different height positions and co-sleeping slide function. It also offers an easy fold and comes with a travel bag, which makes it easy for parents who need the convenience of a portable crib. The co-sleeper also has a large storage basket to keep baby essentials nearby during the night. 

    Our parent reviewer, Lynsey Carratt, tried out the crib with her daughter Mia, six weeks. She was impressed by its ease of assembly, sturdiness and appearance.I was impressed with its appearance, which is sophisticated but straightforward,’ she told us. ‘I was pleasantly surprised about how straightforward it was to put together. No tools are required. It just all slots together, and zips keep everything in place very neatly. I built the crib in under 10 minutes. I found the storage basket a lifesaver during the night and kept all my essentials there, including nappies, cream, wipes, spare sheets and outfits.’

    Lynsey also thought the crib offered great value for money. She said: ‘It’s competitively priced and competes very well with other products on the market: the crib is aesthetically pleasing and does everything a mum would require from a crib. It isn’t overly expensive for the features it offers.’

    How to choose the best bedside crib for you

    All of the best bedside cribs have a few things in common, whether you’re on a budget or paying at the top end. The most important thing is that the crib is able to sit right next to the parents’ bed, to avoid having to actually get out of bed at 3 am when the baby is hungry. They will also have sides that are easy to fold or zip down, to make it extra easy to reach over and grab baby in the middle of the night.

    The best bedside cribs are recommended as a safe alternative to co-sleeping. Babies should sleep in a clear space, without pillows, sheets or blankets. A bedside crib offers the perfect place, which is close to parents but without the dangers of actually sleeping in the same bed. Paul Maurice, product director at Snüz, says safety should always be in mind when purchasing a bedside crib.

    ‘When looking into the best bedside cribs for your new arrival, safety is at the top of the list,’ he explains. ‘It is important to evaluate both the design and materials used, to ensure it allows air to circulate into, around and through the crib. Look for vents or mesh openings at the mattress level, holes in the base of the crib and the use of 3D breathable materials within the crib and mattress. With newborns spending on average 16 to 18 hours a day sleeping, it is imperative to make sure the environment they are in is as safe and comfortable as possible.’

    All bedside cribs must have a 12cm barrier or wall to prevent the baby from being able to roll out of the crib, whilst still having a zip-down feature, making for easy access during the night.

    Other than safety, parents should also look out for added features that make their lives easier. These could include a storage basket for keeping newborn essentials handy, a rocking capability to help soothe babies or a light, vibration and soundbar for extra comfort.

    ‘Other useful features are things like a reflux leg, as well as a lightweight lift-off bassinet so you can use the crib around the home, and the option to add on accessories such as a storage pocket, which keeps your essentials within arm’s reach during the night,’ Paul adds.

    When should I buy a bedside crib?

    Ideally, it’s best to buy a bedside crib a few weeks or even months before your due date, so you can get it all set up and get used to its features before the baby comes. The last thing you want to be doing with a crying newborn is fiddling around with Allen keys or fitted sheets, so get prepared as early as possible.

    How long can you use a bedside crib for?

    The best bedside cribs are suitable from birth until six months, or whenever the baby starts rolling over or sitting up.

    Best bedside cribs at a glance:

    1. The best bedside crib overall: Silver Cross Voyager Co-Sleeper – £199 | Silver Cross
    2. The best premium bedside crib: HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper Premiere – £248.29 | HALO
    3. The best budget bedside crib: Ickle Bubba Bubba&Me – £139 | Ickle Bubba
    4. SnuzPod 4 – £199.95 | Snuz
    5. Shnuggle Air Bedside Crib – £209.95 | Shnuggle
    6. Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib – £149 | Kiddies Kingdom
    7. Chicco Next2me Magic 2 Crib – £239 | Mamas and Papas
    8. Maxi Cosi Iora Co-sleeper – £189.99 | Maxi Cosi