Inglesina Quid2 Review

Inglesina Quid2
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‘We tested it on every possible terrain, and it is happy on both tarmac and grass.’

Reasons to buy
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    One-hand fold

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    Wide age range

Reasons to avoid
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    Small basket

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Grace Holliday and her seven-month-old daughter tested out the Inglesina Quid2 on holiday to see how it measured up as a travel stroller. In our buying guide on the best travel strollers, we gave it special mention for its longevity because it’s suitable from birth to four years and light enough that you're likely to continue using it right up until then.

The Inglesina Quid2 arrives in a box that is surprisingly small – something that bodes well for a stroller that claims to be both 'ultra-compact' (hand-luggage size), and 'extraordinarily light'. While those are Inglesina’s words, after a week’s holiday in Devon, our tester Grace found that they were a fair description. ‘Before the stroller arrived, we were using a full-size pram from Ark, which we loved, but bundling all of us and it into our car was going to prove tricky,’ said Grace. ‘The decision was made for us by just how much less room the Inglesina took up in our boot.’ This is a seriously compact buggy that can be folded up and down with just one hand. It’s light, at 5.9kgs, and easy to manoeuvre around tight spaces such as café tables and furniture. Grace found the Inglesina Quid2 moved well on most surfaces, and she liked the extra details (mesh viewing window, UPF50, extendable hood, carry handle and reclining seat). She thought the shopping basket could be larger, however. This is a mid-range buggy, but it has a long lifespan, from birth to four years, and Grace thought she would get a lot of use out of it.

Inglesina Quid2

Credit: Inglesina

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Stroller weight: 5.9kg | Age Range: Birth to four years | Price: £277.53


The Inglesina Quid2 has been designed so you can put it up and down with one hand. ‘This does take a bit of practice,’ admitted Grace. ‘There is a certain pull-and-push movement you need to practise and perfect before this becomes smooth and efficient.’ Once you’ve got the hang of it though, you’ll see that the mechanism of this stroller has been carefully considered. ‘The handle never needs to touch the floor, whether you're putting the pram up and down, which is good for the germ and/or dirt conscious amongst us,’ noted Grace. The stroller is light too, coming in at 5.9kg and pushing it, even with a baby bag in the basket doesn’t cause any strain on the back or arms. Grace didn’t find the Inglesina Quid2 the most visually attractive stroller but it’s easily manoeuvrable. Even after a whole week of testing, she didn’t come across any issues with the wheels, despite testing it on everything from tarmac to grass. It wasn’t as smooth negotiating it over a sandy beach (but then what buggy is?!)

Comfort and features

The Inglesina Quid2 comes with a removable handrail, storage backet, carry handle and rain cover. Items like a footmuff and bag are available for an additional cost. ‘They all feel sturdy and well-made,’ said Grace. She did think it was a shame that the handlebar didn’t extend further out as it meant that she had to reduce her stride slightly when pushing. The basket underneath is quite small, probably to aid the Inglesina’s compact design, but it did fit Grace’s messenger style baby bag. ‘I would also have loved the ability to turn my daughter to face us, but again, this would take away the ease of use that the Inglesina offers,’ she said.

There are a number of features Grace did appreciate, however: the carry handle on the side is a clever addition and helped when lifting the stroller in and out of the car; she used the mesh viewing window on the top regularly to check in on her baby while walking. Meanwhile, the hood is both UPF50 and extendable, and pulls forward and backwards without any hassle. ‘I also really like how you lay the seat back, or adjust it forwards, using a clever toggled drawstring system,’ Grace said. ‘In preparation for our chilly UK holiday, we bought a thick pushchair blanket, which padded the seat up a little while also keeping our baby warm. That being said, we will be happy to remove it during the summer months, as the seat is nicely padded, and so is the 5-point harness.’

Value for money

At £277, the Inglesina Quid2 is at the pricier end of the mid-range market. ‘I think its design and features go a long way to justify the cost,’ said Grace, who also flagged that it has a wide age range and can last a child till they are 22kg (around four years old). ‘I can absolutely see us using it, with no need to replace, for this long.’ She liked the smart design, ease of use, wide comfortable seat and little extras like the viewing window and rain cover. It would suit someone who wants a very light and compact stroller that’s got many years of use with it. And would she recommend this to a friend? ‘I already have, and she bought it!’

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