Mamas & Papas Bug 3-in-1 Floor and Booster Seat with Activity Tray review

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A baby holds a piece of food to its mouth whilst sitting in the Mamas and Papas Bug 3-in-1 Floor & Booster Seat with Activity Tray near a dining table
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'Flawlessly designed with parent convenience and usability in mind, Bug has longevity built in with three different modes making it practical for use from three months to three years. We'll get years of use out of this and I can't see us needing any other baby or toddler seat.'

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    Engaging activity tray

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    Three seats in one

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    Compact design

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The Mamas and Papas Bug 3-in-1 floor and booster seat with activity tray is one of those baby gear items that you wonder how parents ever did without. We asked mum of one Grace Holliday to put it to the test with her baby daughter. Here's what she thought... 

Suitable from three months all the way up to three years, the Bug adapts to various stages of your little one's growth. It can be used as a baby chair on the floor (3-12 months), attached to a dining chair for mealtimes (6-12 months) and as a toddler booster seat (12 months to 3 years).

An image of the Mamas & Papas Bug baby seat in the colourway 'Eucalyptus' which is a pale minty green.

Credit: Mamas & Papas

How we tested it

Our tester, Grace, took delivery of the Mamas and Papas Bug about a month before she started weaning her daughter. 'This gave her lots of time to get used to it before the weaning stage. She took to it immediately, suggesting the smart design holds her legs and torso firmly enough for her to sit comfortably,' says Grace.

The removable padded insert made the Mamas and Papas Bug just the right size for Grace's baby. 'As we were still a little way from offering her food, we clipped her in with the 3 point harness and attached the activity tray to the table via two suckers. It attaches without any issues and can be removed easily via two plastic toggles.'

Grace was 'immediately impressed' with how easily the activity tray attaches and detaches via the press of a button. 'That makes getting a little one in and out of the Bug totally hassle-free. And it's even easy to remove and replace the activity tray with one hand if necessary,' adds Grace. 'The clever design ensures little fingers can't get trapped. It's also handy that you can adjust the activity tray position depending on whether she's snacking or playing.'


Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs: 3.16kg (including play tray) | Age: 3 months - 3 years

Little ones don’t stay little for very long, which is why Mamas and Papas say they're passionate about designing products with adaptable features that you can continue to use throughout various stages of growth.

More than ever, these days, we want good value for money from the items of baby gear we buy. That means multifunctional design so you don't have to buy new gear every time your baby has a growth spurt.

The Mamas and Papas Bug 3-in-1 seat is a safe place for your baby to sit and play once they're able to hold their head up. It comes with a play tray featuring several interactive sensory toys to help keep little ones entertained. A super-stable base means you can place it safely on the floor without worrying about it tipping up or sliding around.

Our tester Grace and her baby daughter agreed to review the Bug in the eucalyptus colourway, which is a pale mint green colour. 'It's lovely to look at - neutral without being bland,' says Grace. 'It isn't the lightest piece of kit in the world but it's certainly not heavy and its robustness is what makes it so sturdy.'

Once Grace's daughter reached six months of age, she began using the Bug in chair mode. This is suitable for 6-12 months. 'We strapped it to our dining chair, which introduced us to another great feature,' she says. 'The straps which attach the seat to the chair can be tidied into the chair itself, so there are no dangling straps to cause a trip hazard.'

Comfort and features

You can strap the Mamas and Papas Bug to a dining chair for use when you're weaning your little one. It has an adjustable tray position so you can easily bring it close to the table. When your child is ready to join family mealtimes, you can use it as a booster seat.

For ultimate comfort throughout every stage of use, the Mamas and Papas Bug has adjustable leg height positions. It also has removable inserts and a removable crotch pad for a comfy fit as your child grows. Other handy features include crumb stoppers and straps/buckles that are easy to tidy away. It also has twist-out feet and a carry handle, so you can take the Mamas and Papas Bug with you for playtime and easy mealtimes away from home.

The activity tray is one of our tester's favourite features of the Mamas and Papas Bug. 'It's just brilliant, with textured pieces in a variety of colours, all of which complement the overall look of the chair and aren't at all garish,' she says. 'When your baby gets bored of playing with the toys within reach, you can switch them around to mix things up. The central piece looks like a little book, with a plastic 'page' that folds from one side to the other. It also has a photo on one side and a mirror on the other.'

A blonde-haired woman wearing a coat and holding the Mamas and Papas 3-in-1 Floor & Booster Seat with Activity Tray in her left hand stands by a blue car with the boot open, loading luggage into the vehicle

Credit: Mamas and Papas

Another standout feature of the Mamas and Papas Bug is its compact size. 'We already had a floor seat with a feeding tray but it has a large plastic base that sticks out at the back to make it stable,' says Grace. 'In contrast, the Bug has compact twist-out feet to stabilise it. It also has a little carry handle at the back - a very handy feature for use away from home.'

Value for money

Once her daughter turns a year old, Grace will be able to use the seat in its third and final mode - as a booster seat. 'I'm looking forward to using the crumb stopper and removing the insert to create more room as she grows,' says Grace.

Overall, Grace wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bug to new parents. 'The one niggly feature is that the straps are slightly too short to pop outside the seat between uses,' she says. 'They fall into the base of the seat. So we have to lay our baby on the floor while we lift out the straps, or wiggle them out from underneath her.'

However, Grace stresses that this is a very minor inconvenience. It's also an issue that will disappear entirely as her daughter grows. 'Aside from this, I don't have a bad word to say about it,' she adds. 'Not even any 'cons' to list alongside its 'pros' - and I know we'll get years of use from it.'

'It isn't the cheapest seat you can buy. In fact, it's one of the more expensive options. But that's easier to accept when you factor in that you're getting a baby chair, a dining table seat and a booster seat for that price,' Grace concludes. 'You are genuinely getting three items in one that can be used for years. Plus the Bug is truly useful and functional in all three modes, unlike some multifunctional baby products. And all the smart little design features make it a joy to use.'

The Mamas and Papas Bug comes in four colourways - eucalyptus, pebble grey, blossom and bluebell - and is available to buy now.

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