MyBaby SoundSpa On-The-Go Portable Baby White Noise Machine review

white noise machine for baby
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“I’d definitely recommend the MyBaby SoundSpa to family and friends because it offers good value for money, a number of sound options to suit baby and several volume levels to work for different environments.”

Reasons to buy
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    Excellent value

Reasons to avoid
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    Makes a rattly noise

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    No light feature

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    Less stylish than other devices 

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We asked parent reviewer Eugenie Freeman, mum to Darcey, four months, to test out the MyBaby SoundSpa On-The-Go Portable Baby White Noise Machine to see if it helped her little one nod off. Read our in-depth review to find out if it's right for you.

Fuss-free, lightweight, and functional, the affordable MyBaby SoundSpa On-The-Go Portable Baby White Noise Machine offers four different sounds to help soothe your baby, with a volume control that you can easily adjust. It gets our vote as the best baby sleep aid on the market.

The large readable buttons and handy clip make it simple to turn on and attach to cots, buggies, or slings on the go - and when feeling flustered. 

“This is a great option for someone who appreciates value for money and likes to be on the go,” Eugenie says. 


white noise machine for baby

Credit: Homedics


Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ | Weighs: 0.27kg | Age: From birth

The Mybaby SoundSpa White Noise Machine is super lightweight and portable, which Eugenie appreciated while out and about with Darcey. She also enjoyed how easy it was to use, especially compared to other white noise machines she had bought previously.

“The product is very simple and intuitive to use, which I like because I have used other white noise machines in the past and I have found that finding the right setting can be a bit complicated,” Eugenie says. 

“The Mybaby SoundSpa White Noise Machine is nice and easy - clear buttons, obvious symbols, no confusion. It’s a useful product when on the go as it has a clip which you can put on a buggy and it’s small enough to travel anywhere with.”

Comfort and features

A particularly appealing feature about the MyBaby SoundSpa is the fact it offers four different sounds: heartbeat, white noise, ocean, and a lullaby, so you can tailor the noises to suit your baby.

It also has a 15, 30, and 45-minute auto shut-off function, or you can choose to keep it playing continuously, meaning you don’t need to constantly creep into your baby’s nursery to turn it back on. 

“I like that there are quite a few volume settings,” Eugenie adds. “The other products I’ve tried only have one to three volume options and sometimes it’s hard to find the right balance for the environment. But this has quite a few levels.”


Value for money

Having tested multiple similar products on the market before, Eugenie was impressed by the value for money that the Mybaby SoundSpa White Noise Machine offered, citing its affordability compared to pricier sound machines with fewer features. 

“I think it’s good value for money compared to other sound machines,” she says.

“I have used two other popular sound machines previously and I think that this offers more sound options so you can find the one that suits your baby. It’s more lightweight; it has better volume settings to work for different environments and it’s great value for money.”

Deborah Cicurel

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