Red Kite Baby Push Me 2U Review

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‘All-in-all, this is an impressive holiday stroller - ideal if you don't want to spend lots on a lightweight pushchair for occasional use.'

Reasons to buy
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    Easy to fold down

Reasons to avoid
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    Small basket

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    Unsuitable for overhead lockers

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Darryl Baker and her two children aged 11 months and 33 months tested the Red Kite Push Me 2U stroller to see how it faired as a travel companion. It's our top choice for an unbeatable budget buy in our buying guide to the best travel strollers.

The Red Kite Push Me 2U stroller doesn’t come with lots of innovations but it weighs just 5.6kg and is easy to manoeuvre around. Our tester Darryl found it required assembly – including putting on the hood – when it first arrived, but it was relatively easy to piece together. It’s easy to fold and goes down into a ‘pretty compact size’, although she flagged that some people may want a more compact fold depending on their travel needs.

Darryl tested the plum colour (it comes in black too) and admitted she isn’t a huge fan of this shade. While un-enamoured with its looks, Darryl likes that the seat feels well-padded and was spacious - even for her older child. The comfort of the person pushing has been considered too and the handlebars are padded. ‘It's hassle-free and also comfy for baby and the pusher.' The Red Kite might not be as slick and have the extras that the other strollers have but its price point is pretty unbeatable and it more than does the job required of it. For this reason, it's our pick of the best budget buy in our travel strollers buying guide.


Stroller weight: 5.6kg | Age range: 6 months to 3 years | Price: £44.99


This Red Kite stroller is a great option for when children are too big to be pushed around in a heavy-duty pram and you want a buggy that’s easy to handle, especially when you're travelling. The Push Me 2U is sturdy yet light, simple yet sleek.  ‘There are no bells and whistles but then that's not what you want with a compact pushchair,’ said our tester Darryl. ‘After the initial assembly, where I had to refer to the instructions for guidance, the Push Me 2U is easy to fold down and open back up – there’s no faffing or getting flustered.’ The stroller collapses pretty flat though it still retains much of its length so wouldn’t be allowed on the overhead locker of a plane.

Darryl found that the plastic wheels rotated well and were chunky. ‘As far as I can tell they are durable - not flimsy and toy-like like other travel or lightweight strollers can be.’ The hood doesn’t come attached and Darryl found that this needed to be pushed firmly into place. ‘It offers a reasonable amount of cover for the small size and retracts back if you wish,’ she added.

Comfort and features

In terms of comfort, Darryl was pleasantly surprised. ‘The padded seat is generous with its cushioning, considering this is a lightweight stroller, and my nearly-one-year-old is perfectly comfy when we’re out and about.’ She also found that the seat was big enough for her older toddler, who is 33 months. The padded handlebars ensure a comfortable experience for the pusher as well as the little occupant.

The stroller comes with a basket underneath. ‘You sacrifice space and depth for a sturdy chassis but there’s still enough room to store a lunchbox or snacks and drinks, and a jacket or chunky cardigan,’ said Darryl. ‘You can’t fit much grocery shopping, however. The biggest downside that Darryl found with the basket is that it is made of mesh so doesn't offer the same coverage and smaller items can easily slip through, especially if any of the netting gets torn.

Value for money

At under £50, the Red Kite Baby Push Me 2U is one of the cheapest strollers on the market. Does it offer good value for money, though? ‘I think so,’ said Darryl. ‘Red Kite products don't carry a huge price tag, and I think you get a decent stroller for your money which easily rivals more expensive brands.’ Darryl found this a simple and inexpensive stroller and thought it would suit someone who likes functional products. While it doesn’t come with a huge basket underneath or lots of fancy extras, it’s more affordable and reasonable than most other lightweight strollers.

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