SnuzCloud Baby Sleep Aid review

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GoodtoKnow Verdict

“I love this sleep toy! It’s a great addition to any nursery.”

Reasons to buy
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    Cute appearance

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    Light and sound features

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    Easy to attach

Reasons to avoid
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    Switches off after 20 minutes

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    Doesn't play continuously

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The SnuzCloud Baby Sleep Aid isn’t just an adorable addition to your baby’s nursery: it also offers four different soothing sounds (pink noise, lullaby, waterfall and heartbeat), and two light options (pink glow or white night light).

We asked Suzy Selwyn, mum to Reuben, 25 weeks, to put it to the test and used her feedback to create this review. Read on to see if the SnuzCloud Baby Sleep Aid is the best baby sleep aid for you.

The most instantly noticeable feature about the SnuzCloud is how cute it is. With two sleepy eyes, a plush grey body, and a nursery-friendly cloud shape, it fits into nurseries of all styles.

“The SnuzCloud would look good in any nursery,” Suzy says. “I love that it has multiple functions with different  sound and light options.” 


Neutral in colour, sweet to look at, and unobtrusive in a nursery, the SnuzCloud appeals to parents as much as babies.

“Appearance-wise it's not too big and it's very soft,” Suzy explains. “Some toys can be really bright or loud or tacky but this is perfect.”

Suzy also liked the ease of using the SnuzCloud, with its simple Velcro strap making it a doddle to attach to your baby’s crib, pram, or car seat, and its lightness making it very portable. It’s also easy to operate, with buttons on either side of the cloud activating the lights and sounds. 

“The Velcro is also very practical; you can easily attach it to the buggy, car seat, and cot and it’s so simple to move around,” she adds. 

Comfort and features 

Star rating:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐| Weighs: 335 g | Age: From birth

With two different light options and four calming sounds, the SnuzCloud gives you different tools to soothe your baby depending on their moods or activities, and not just when you’re trying to put them to sleep. 

“The white noise soothes Reuben when he's crying and the rainforest distracts him when I’m changing his nappy,” Suzy says. 

“I like the gentle lights which he watches and sometimes I use the cloud as a distraction if he has burps.

“As it has multiple functions, it helps soothe the baby in different ways. When he’s not using it for noise, he likes to play with it and use it as a teether.” 

Value for money 

At £29.95, the SnuzCloud Baby Sleep Aid isn’t the cheapest sleep aid out there, but Suzy says it’s well worth the price.

Noting its myriad different features, cute aesthetic appearance, and impressive distracting powers for a crying baby, our tester thinks it’s a fantastic sleep aid that looks good, works well, and is easy to use. In fact, she liked it so much she would gift it to other parents to help them catch forty winks too. 

“It’s not cheap but it's a perfect addition to the nursery and is really a great sleep aid,” Suzy adds. “This is a good option for someone who appreciates simple yet practical toys. I would buy it for my friends too.” 

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