Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib Review

Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib
GoodtoKnow Verdict

'This is perfect for someone looking for a stylish, aesthetically pleasing crib that a baby would be able to use for longer than other cribs on the market.'

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Incline option

  • +

    Easy to assemble

  • +


Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Doesn't rock

  • -

    No wheels

  • -

    Fold-down can be fiddly

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The Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib is beautifully designed and easy to assemble, with functionality designed to appeal to time-poor and sleep-deprived parents. The crib includes a foam mattress, co-sleeping safety straps, and a travel bag for comfort and portability. There’s a six-step height adjuster to suit different beds, and an incline option to help babies with congestion and reflux. It also has a handy storage shelf to keep essentials nearby,  and it can be used for co-sleeping or in a standalone position.

The Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib was tried out by Rachel Jacobs and her son Ariel, four months, who agreed it's one of the best bedside cribs you can buy. Rachel loved the versatility and longevity of the crib, telling us: 'This is a crib for someone looking for a stylish, aesthetically pleasing crib that a baby would be able to use for longer than other cribs on the market.'

Tutti Bambini CoZee Bedside Crib

Credit: Kiddies Kingdom


Star rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐| Weighs: 10kg | Age: From birth

Available in three stylish colours - charcoal, sterling silver and midnight blue - the CoZee is built attractively, with oak wood detailing, mesh sides, and an unobtrusive storage shelf. It’s also extremely easy to assemble and transport, making it an intuitive, fuss-free design for time-stretched parents.

Rachel appreciated how easy it was to get set up with the CoZee. She told us: 'The CoZee crib impresses immediately with the zero assembly that is needed to get going. The crib comes straight out of the box and just clicks itself upright with a few simple movements, there are no screws or tools involved. Having set the crib up with a crying baby at home this was an amazing convenience for us. The crib is also very sturdy which is reassuring when you're putting your baby in it. The basket underneath is great for storing things such as blankets or muslins so we can easily reach them at night, and we really liked the design of the crib.'

Comfort and features

Rachel was impressed with the size of the crib, noting that Ariel seemed to find it comfortable and spacious in his new sleeping space. 'The main positive for us is the size, our baby likes to stretch out and even at four months he is not reaching any of the four sides,' she says. 'Seeing friends and family with other cribs, much smaller in every way, we see this as the main benefit.'

Rachel also appreciated the mesh sides, multiple height options, and portability of the crib.' The mesh fold-down function is a really good element as it allowed us to just roll over and put the dummy in our baby's mouth when he was fussing in the night,' she added. 'The multiple height function on the crib is really good, meaning it can be level with the sofa or our bed and we also loved that you can angle the crib, which on nights with an upset tummy, really helped our baby sleep. The fact the crib is so lightweight and had handles at both ends of the crib enabled us to move it around the room or flat in the middle of the night even with a sleeping baby. We are also able to easily wash the detachable sides, which is especially useful with a sicky baby.'

Value for money

At £185, the CoZee is a mid-range option that offers more functions than the most basic bedside cribs, but fewer bells and whistles than those at the top end of the market. Rachel felt that though she would have liked to add in a couple of extra functions, such as a rocking capability, the CoZee was worth the money. 'We love the easy assembly and the lightweight design of the crib,' she notes. 

'Considering this is an expensive crib, the ability to easily fold it away and safely store it in the carry bag for the next little one, makes this a very attractive and long-term buy. 'Having seen a number of friends forced to move their baby out of their room into their own room due to the baby having outgrown the crib, this crib allows for same-room sleeping for far longer, so I would definitely recommend it to friends.'

Deborah Cicurel

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