Meghan and Kate’s parenting parallels: The Royal mums have more in common than you think!

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  • They’ve spent most of motherhood under the watchful glare of the public. But when it comes to their parenting, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have appeared to adopt their own unique styles.

    • The Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge are widely thought to have very little in common
    • But a parenting expert has revealed that, when it comes to their kids, Meghan and Kate are much more alike than we think
    • This royal news comes after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge revealed the ‘secret’ they’re keeping from their children during the Coronavirus lockdown

    The Duchess of Cambridge, 38, has often been admired for how her children, George, six, Charlotte, four, and Louis, two, behave in public, rarely putting a foot out of line.

    Whereas the Duchess of Sussex, also 38, has been known for going against royal traditions while raising 11-month-old son Archie.

    But, director of The Baby Show Zoe Bonser, told our sister publication Woman their parenting techniques aren’t that different after all…

    Following in Diana’s footsteps

    Zoe notes: ‘It was important to Diana to give her sons as normal a life as possible,’ which she believes both Kate and Meghan strive to achieve.

    As well as taking her children to school herself, Kate has been photographed telling off the youngsters in public – most famously at sister Pippa’s 2017 nuptials.

    And when it comes to being affectionate, Zoe says Kate ‘greatly values the importance of hugs’, too.

    Meghan has also been described as hands-on since she became a mum in May last year. Royal biographer Katie Nicholl revealed at the time, ‘Meghan is breastfeeding, Harry’s been changing nappies, so like most new parents, they’re both heavily involved and sleep-deprived. They wanted to be hands-on parents, so they’re doing it their way.’

    Breaking protocol

    Her decision to keep Archie out of the spotlight isn’t the only way Meghan has managed to switch up protocol. Zoe explains, ‘Meghan and Harry often make their own decisions. Meghan chose to have her own birth plan, which differed from the usual birth of royal babies, she didn’t do the day-of-birth photo op and chose a modern buggy rather than the classic Silver Cross, used by royals for generations.’

    Despite taking a more traditional stance on royal life, Kate has shown she can also adjust the monarchy’s rules, having broken traditions, ‘such as sending George to a mixed school or having her mum to help after births rather than an army of staff.’

    Nature lovers

    Where constitutional history would have once been vital for most young royals, Kate is vocal about the values of kindness and respect. ‘She promotes that children deserve time, attention and love from their parents,’ Zoe explains.

    She made it clear that she was passionate about teaching her children ‘lifelong skills’ on Mary Berry’s Christmas special, A Berry Royal Christmas, saying, ‘We grow our own vegetables. We’ve got carrots, beans, beetroot – a massive favourite – Louis absolutely loves beetroot. I think being outside and being in nature is such a great environment.’

    Being outdoors and eating healthily is something Meghan is keen on for Archie, too. As well as taking Archie and their dogs out for regular walks in Canada, ‘Meghan is also super-healthy and eats a vegetarian or vegan diet the majority of the time,’ our expert concludes.

    Privacy is key

    Their controversial move to Canada and then America this year proved just how adamant Harry and Meghan are about giving Archie a normal upbringing. This means protecting his privacy and keeping certain details of their lives private, such as those of Archie’s 2019 christening, where even the godparents’ identities were kept secret.

    Zoe agrees, saying, ‘Meghan and Harry chose to forego Archie’s royal title, keep him out of the spotlight and parent without lots of staff. It seems they’re in their own happy, private bubble.’

    ‘Kate also values privacy, but she’s more traditional,’ Zoe adds. ‘For instance, her children are always dressed in British clothing for public appearances, and these appearances are often accompanied by photos.’

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