What will Prince George be called if he becomes King?

He's third in line to the British throne - after his grandfather Prince Charles and father Prince William - and there's a very likely reality that Prince George will one day become King.

  • George is third in line for the throne meaning that one day he could be the reigning British Monarch.
  • British Monarchs can choose the name they are known by, so George may not even be called George VII if he becomes King.
  • This follows other royal news of Prince George and Princess Charlotte's exciting half term activities, as revealed by Prince William.

So what will George, six, be called if he does take the throne? There have been six King Georges in the history of the British Monarchy, so naturally you might expect the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's eldest will take the title King George VII.

But British Monarchs can actually choose any name they like, and the last King George - King George VI - was born Prince Albert.

There has already been speculation that when Prince Charles takes over from his mother Queen Elizabeth II he will be known, not as King Charles III ,following on from Charles II who reigned from 1660-1685, but King George VII as his full name is Charles Philip Arthur George.

Prince George nd Princess Charlotte

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Which means Prince George could end up as George VII - but he could also choose between King Alexander or King Louis, as his full name is George Alexander Louis. There's an argument that England did, briefly, once have a King Louis after King Louis VIII of France was declared as such by a group of barons way back in 1216.

But when the barons changed their minds, Louis, after some resistance, ended up signing a treaty to withdraw and returned to his home country and there are still disagreeing views over whether or not he was an official British Monarch.

So it remains to be seen if George will end up as George VII, George VIII, Louis, Louis II or any other name. We guess only time will tell!

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