Prince William and Kate Middleton will probably regret this decision about Prince George

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  • Prince William and Kate Middleton may have made a mistake when naming their first born, Prince George.

    With all the rules, regulations and social politics the royal family has to adhere to, it can be hard to keep up with the dos and don’ts of their unique lifestyles. However at times, we’re given small nuggets of inside information into the fascinating world of the monarch and this time, the topic is little Prince George and his future name as the King.

    As Prince William and Kate Middleton’s first born son, little George is third in line to the throne. And while his future reign may seem like a lifetime away considering the fact that he is just seven years old, it hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about what his coronation will be like.

    A particular call for concern has been the young Prince’s name as there is no guarantee that he would be known as King George.

    This is because there have already been six King Georges in the British Monarchy, and frankly, Prince George may just not want to be the seventh, especially as he has the choice not to.

    It has been widely reported that the royal family have a tradition that allow Kings and Queens to change their names when ascending the throne, should they wish to do so, according to US Daily Report.  This means that Prince George will have the freedom to either keep the name his parents gave him or pick another moniker when he takes the throne one day, though only time will tell what he decides on.

    The royal family have yet to comment on the speculations and have instead continued to keep a low profile during the coronavirus pandemic. However, we were recently treated to some adorable pictures of Prince George as he celebrated his birthday on 22 July.

    Sharing a shot taken by his mum, Kate, on the Cambridge family’s official Instagram page @KensingtonRoyal, they wrote a sweet message to fans in the caption saying, ‘Thank you everyone for your very kind wishes on Prince George’s birthday today.’

    Will and Kate were last seen out and about in Wales last week, as they visited Barry Island where they stopped by Shire Hall care home to meet the staff and families. While they were there, they took the opportunity to congratulate communities and businesses getting back on their feet following the lockdown period.

    ‘Thank you Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 for the lovely reception yesterday,” they wrote on Instagram. “It was great to see communities and businesses starting to get back up and running, following a difficult few months for the tourism industry and the wider economy.’