Prince William reveals the harsh way royals are disciplined

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  • The Duke of Cambridge Prince William has revealed the way royals are disciplined and it's harsh!

    The future King, who is married to Kate Middleton made the revelation during an interview with TV presenting duo Ant and Dec in honour of the 30th anniversary of The Prince’s Trust back in 2006.

    Prince William admitted “tempers get a bit frayed” over polo games with his brother Prince Harry and father Prince Charles, but explained that they tended to get a telling off afterwards.

    He noted, “We work well as a team because we’re all sort of thinking roughly alike — but when you do something wrong, there’s two very stern faces looking at you.

    “And then you get the boll***ing afterwards.”

    Prince William

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    Both William and Harry are said to have strong tempers – although they have not ever showed them in public – and used to play the horseback sport with their father Prince Charles.

    But Charles admitted in the clip that he no longer plays polo with the then 22-year-old Harry and 24-year-old William, and his two sons jumped at the chance to mock their father.

    William joked, “We decided that the pressure of playing with his two sons was too much, we’re too good for him.”

    Harry then gestured to his heart and pretended to gasp, implying Charles had poor health – an exchange in which all three royals grinned at.

    Most recently, a polo match held last August was when Prince William and Harry’s relationship appeared to deteriorate as onlookers watched their interactions which seemed different to previous years.