Born to be together? Diana’s astrologist says why Kate and Wills are a match made in heaven

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  • Princess Diana’s astrologer Debbie Frank analyses the birth charts of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to reveal how compatible they are and predict the future of their relationship…

    • The Royal couple show signs of a “solid base and family unit”

    • The astrologist can see their marriage is a “powerful mission”

    • Both a Full Moon and New Moon makes them have “strong feelings of destiny” and a “desire to make a difference in the world”

    A family unit

    Debbie Frank – who previously worked with the late Princess Diana before her tragic death in 1997 – has read Kate’s and William’s birth charts to analyse their compatibility. Kate is a grounded Capricorn – the opposite sun sign to William’s Cancer sun. Debbie says, ‘Kate’s Moon is in Cancer, and to have a partner with the Sun in your Moon sign is the top traditional compatibility criteria. It means you feel at home with each other and have the potential to create a solid base and family unit.’ The couple’s three children are proof of that!

    Going the distance

    Their romance has succeeded way beyond the initial spark, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are now parents to three children. Debbie can see it being a long-lasting and happy marriage, as they work towards a shared ‘mission’ in life.

    ‘These factors create a unified force around Kate and William,’ she comments, adding that the couple share ‘enough differences to keep things interesting and enough shared values to build something long-lasting.’ She concludes, ‘This marriage is not just about them as a couple, but is rubber-stamped as having a powerful mission.’ Good to have some encouraging news in these uncertain times.

    A magnetic spark

    As well as their traditional compatibility, Debbie reveals there’s more behind Kate’s and William’s romantic connection than a sturdy family unit. In fact, she reveals that their birth signs mean the pair’s initial attraction would have been ‘powerful’ when they first met at St Andrews University in 2001.

    She says, ‘Kate, a grounded Capricorn, is the opposite sun sign to William’s Cancer sun. Opposite signs are magnetically attracted.

    ‘Capricorn is an anchor for the emotional sensitivity of Cancer, and Cancer instinctively knows how to open up the somewhat inhibited goat.

    ‘Kate and Wills must have experienced that initial love dart as a hugely powerful attraction from the very start.’

    Charitable nature

    Clearly, given their roles as patrons of various charities, Kate and William share a mutual desire to make a difference. Debbie explains, ‘The pair share Mars, the planet of motivation, and work in the same sign of Libra, so their modus operandi is completely attuned to each other and is non-competitive. Their destiny codes, the North and South Nodes, are also in the same signs, giving them a mutual frequency.’

    She adds, ‘Kate is born on a Full Moon, William on a New Moon, so they are both able to connect with the public, and both have strong feelings of a special destiny and the desire to make a difference to the world.’

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