Expert claims Queen Mother ‘drove a wedge’ between Princess Diana and the royals

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  • The Queen Mother “drove a wedge” between Princess Diana and the Royal Family, according to Andrew Morton.

    • The royal author described Diana’s relationship with the Queen Mother ‘less cordial’ and ‘negative’
    • She was said to ‘drive a wedge’ between Diana, Princess of Wales, and the rest of the Royal Family and had huge ‘influence’ over Prince Charles
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    It has emerged that the late Diana, Princess of Wales, had a difficult relationship with her grandmother-in-law, the Queen Mother.

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    Royal biographer, Andrew Morton, detailed their tense relationship in his book Diana – Her True Story – and claimed the Queen Mother was “unfavourably disposed” to Diana and her mother, Frances Shand Kydd, despite her marriage to Prince Charles.

    Opening up about their fraught association, he writes, “Diana sees her London home, Clarence House, as the font of all negative comment about herself and her mother.

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    “She keeps a distrustful distance from this matriarchal figure, describing social occasions hosted by the Queen Mother as stiff and overly formal.

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    “It was, after all, Diana’s grandmother, the Queen Mother’s lady-in-waiting, who testified in court after her daughter’s unsuitability to look after her four children.”

    Their marriage lasted no longer than five years. And now it’s been claimed Charles’ grandmother always had “enormous influence” over her grandson.

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    “At the same time the Queen Mother, unfavourably predisposed to Diana and her mother, exercises an enormous influence over the Prince of Wales,” Andrew said.

    “‘The Queen Mother drives a wedge between Diana and the others,’ notes a friend.

    “‘As a result she makes every excuse to avoid her.'”

    The shocking claims come just weeks after Princess Diana would have celebrated her 57th birthday.

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