Secrets behind Prince William’s bond with son Prince George have been revealed in new film

Prince William's striking bond with his eldest son Prince George have been revealed in a new film.
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  • Like father, like son, Prince William and son Prince George not only share looks but the two princes show signs of being close when out and about.

    A behind-the-scenes video from a new documentary, the Duke of Cambridge and Our Mental Health which was posted on the Kensington Royal Instagram account shows some interesting insights into how the prince acts towards his eldest son.

    The clip, which shows some adorable moments of George and William hanging out together at the football, with William keenly encouraging dialogue with his son throughout the match.

    Body language expert Judi James reveals to the Daily Express, ‘William has grown up being cautious about emotional reveals in public and his subtle shyness signals have often made his appearances tinged with some discomfort. But this film tells us more about him than we have been shown before and it reveals degrees of depth and empathy that he’s tended to keep masked in the past.’

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    And as she analyses the footage she commented on some of William’s parenting techniques. William has son George, six, Charlotte, five and Louis, two, with wife Kate.

    ‘The footage of him watching football with George shows a dad mentoring his son by encouraging him to take delight in the game,’ she said.

    ‘George is already smitten, he later leapt up in noisy delight when his team scored, and we can see from his rapt expression here that he’s having the best time, but William is still keen to keep an encouraging dialogue going.’

    She noted how William is often the one holding George by hand at royal events while Kate carries Louis and walks with Charlotte.

    Judi continued, ‘So it has seemed in the past that William is acting as mentor for his son in his royal role and destiny, but this clip and William’s comments about the value of sports like football in mental wellbeing suggests William will be as protective of George’s emotional development as his skills as a future king.’

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