16 bloated stomach causes

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  • Sick of that swollen, uncomfortable bloated belly feeling? Don't put up with it - we've found 16 common bloated stomach causes and solutions so you can stop bloating for good!

    Sick of that bloated stomach feeling? It’s uncomfortable not to mention unsightly, and if it’s something you experience often, it can leave you feeling pretty darn fed up!

    Not only do you have that ‘full’ swollen belly feeling, but your clothes feel tight and, at times, it can be really painful.

    At one time or another, we’ve all suffered from an uncomfortable bloated stomach, but what actually is bloating and what causes it? And how do you stop bloating in the first place?

    Once you’ve worked out what the trigger for your bloat is, you can avoid it and stop the feeling in the first place!

    Why is my stomach bloated?

    From eating the wrong kinds of foods, living with an undetected food intolerance or even not getting as much exercise as you should be, our round up of 16 bloated stomach causes will help you to identify the problem happening in your gut.

    Fortunately, most causes of a bloated stomach have a quick and easy solution. Some people even find that it’s a combination of bloated stomach causes giving them those hard-to-manage symptoms, and once they work it out, they feel a lot healthier and happier.

    We’ve outlined the reasons why you could be suffering with a bloated stomach and provided you with some great tips for how to beat the bloat for good!

    Natural remedies for bloating: How to reduce and stop bloating

    So if you’re sick of that swollen, uncomfortable feeling that’s giving you a bloated stomach, we’ll have you feeling bloat-free and ready to slip back into your favourite dress in no time – with no more pain or soreness either.

    Discover which of these reasons could be causing your bloated stomach and stop hiding it under baggy clothes – all you need to do is follow our advice for a happier tum, both inside and out, today!