5 quick ways to ease trapped wind – and gain a flatter tummy right now

Ease trapped wind with our health editor's fast tips
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  • Bloating can be a nightmare and often it’s a case of relieving trapped wind to ease discomfort.

    Trapped wind has been the bane of my life for so many years – but it doesn’t need to be a case of enduring it for hours until it finally comes out (often when you REALLY don’t want it).

    If you’re anything like me, you want it out and out fast. Unfortunately, trapped wind tends to come out one way, as a…fart. THERE, I said it. Farting, flatulence, gas; whatever you want to call it, it’s natural and normal. In fact, the NHS say it’s normal to fart between five and 15 times a day. Call me vile, but this seems a little low.

    Either way, it’s a natural bodily function and one which we should all accept; it’s just a case of right time right place to beat the bloat.

    There are of course other reasons behind bloating, so do see your GP if it becomes too regular or you notice changes in your body and bloating, however according to Danone, 43 per cent of Brits have experienced tummy problems, so you aren’t alone.

    However, when trapped wind is the reason behind a protruding, often painful belly, it can be incredibly infuriating. I find it so typical that I’ll be out in a skin tight outfit as I begin to notice that ‘snug’ feeling, and over the course of an hour, notice my stomach blow up like a balloon.

    What causes trapped wind?

    According to the NHS, swallowing too much air when we eat and drink can be a cause. The experts at Rennie state that trapped wind is usually due to a build up of pressure in your stomach or abdomen and can be caused by eating too fast, which leads us to gulp down air, or eating when stressed. Wearing tight clothing can contribute to the problem, as can a change to your diet, for example when you travel overseas. Plus, for some, high fibre foods and diary can also exacerbate it.

    Whilst there are ways to avoid trapped wind in the first place, I’ve mastered a few tricks over the years to beat the bloat and get rid of trapped wind ASAP. Ready? Now, don’t judge me, OK?

    1. Yoga to help ease trapped wind

    At home, alone, a few sly yoga moves can be all the relief you need. These poses can put pressure on internal organs, helping to release that unwanted air. There are three that I am particularly fond of.

    One is the supine twist. Lie back on the floor, legs outstretched. Turn your neck to look over your right shoulder, whilst bending your right leg and bringing it over your left. Hold this for a while. Then swap sides.

    Another is Halasana. OK, so it does require a certain level of flex but if you can nail this pose and hold it for a few seconds, you might find yourself relieved fairly quickly of air.

    My next pose to beat the bloat is Child’s Pose. On all fours, push your bum back to touch down on your heels. Then drop your chest and forehead to the floor, extending arms out in front of you. For added pressure, rock back and forth. I shouldn’t endorse this (but I will anyway), but rocking back and forth fairly violently should get things moving down there. Yoga can help with so many ailments, I’m also a fan of these yoga moves that ease period pain.

    Here’s a good YouTube video on yoga to relieve gas which could be helpful too…

    2. Jump around

    Just do it. Jumping for 2 minutes or however long it takes, until you feel that movement. In fact, make it into something fun and jump around to some fast music. Go on, let your hair down.

    3. Drink water

    Sounds obvious but there is another layer to this wind-relieving phenomenon. Drink water, fast. As in, down a pint as quickly as possible. This is a great one if you’re out and about as it doesn’t require getting down into awkward positions, which let’s fact it, you’re not going to do in the middle of a restaurant/bar/shop/anywhere.

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    4. Lie on your front and apply abdominal pressure

    A little like the yoga, except less obvious. A best friend of mine many years ago recommended this and it stuck in my head ever since. When my tummy is sore and bloated, in a bid to relieve it, I often lie on my bed, legs hanging off the edge. I use my hands to press down quite hard onto my lower abdominals. In time, I start to feel things moving. Which brings me nicely onto my next point…

    5. Ease trapped wind with a tummy massage

    You might have a partner who can help with this (you’ll owe him after though…), but massaging your stomach area from the top, just below the rib cage, down to your lower abdominals, can really help relieve that wind. It’s almost as though you’re following the pocket of gas all the ways through the intestines.

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