Top tips for cutting your child’s fringe – and your own

There's no need to fear a DIY trim with our easy guide!
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  • With hairdressers shut for the foreseeable future and hair slowly creeping into the eyes of our little ones, it’s no surprise many of us are considering taking the matter of a fringe trim into our own hands.

    If this is your first foray into the world of cutting – don’t worry. We’ve enlisted the help of Zoe Irwin, Creative Director at John Frieda to give us some top tips for cutting your child’s fringe at home.

    1. Invest in scissors

    One of the first mistakes people make is not using proper scissors, so order yourself some hairdressing scissors online. Go for small ones as larger ones can lead to bad results! I recommend fishing out a narrow comb too to separate out small sections at a time.

    2. Leave hair dry

    When cutting your child’s fringe or the rest of their hair, do it when it’s dry, not wet. This will stop you from taking it too short.

    3. Don’t cut straight across

    ‘Visually measure how much you want to take off, lift the hair and cut with the scissors at an angle, instead of straight across. Snipping into the hair in little ‘V’ shaped sections (so it’s not all the same length) will help you get a softer finish. We call this technique point cutting. The middle should be slightly shorter than the sides, so start there.’

    4. Don’t cut too much

    Remember the tiniest bit makes a massive difference. In salon, we cut in mm not cm taking off tiny bits at a time. You should do the same.

    5. Leave the sides longer

    Leave the sides of the fringe longer for a softer finish.

    6. Blow dry the rest of the hair

    Once you have cut the fringe, blow dry it into the rest of their hair so you can see the results. You might want to make the middle section wider, but I do really recommend leaving the sides long.

    If your kids are nervous about having their hair cut, invest in some Wahl clippers with really long clipper guards. They’re much safer to use for the top of their hair.

    How to cut your own fringe

    If you need a fringe trim, ask someone else to do it for best results. Need to cut your own? Follow the same principles as a kid’s cut and just be really careful.