How to use a jade roller on your face - step by step guide and the skin benefits

These skin experts share the technique to achieve firmer looking skin

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If you want to know how to use a jade roller on your face, you've come to the right place. We asked the experts what steps to take and how to do it properly. 

They've soared in popularity and seem to pop up all over social media but are jade rollers just a skincare gimmick or do they actually benefit your skin? Whether you're wondering how to look less tired or how to get rid of dark circles using a facial massage tool might be able to help.

With its origins in Chinese medicine, jade rollers along with the gua sha, are facial massage tools created with gem stones. Jade is the most common stone used but amethyst and quartz rollers can also be used. These stones or crystals are believed to have energies and jade is thought to bring lucky and healing properties too. According to Advanced Aesthetics Doctor, Dr Catherine Denning, "Improved circulation to the skin, which is good for skin healing and preventing signs of ageing," is just one of the benefits of using a jade roller. Read on to find out more advantages of the beauty tool - plus how to use a jade roller effectively, thanks to our step-by-step guide. 

How to use a jade roller on your face

Step 1: Prepare your jade roller

As your jade roller is going to be touching your skin, it's important to keep it clean and free from bacteria so use an antibacterial wipe or wash the stones beforehand. Ensure your skin is clean too, "Start by cleansing and apply your usual routine," suggests Aesthetics Dr Catherine Denning. You never want to jade roller over makeup as this can spread bacteria and cause issues like acne. 

According to London based Acupuncturist Maudie Evitt, keep it out of the fridge, a warm roller is best. "In Chinese medicine, making sure your jade roller is warm/room temperature is the first step in your ritual. Warmth increases Qi and blood, which is essential for the intention of this practise."

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Step 2: Apply a facial oil/moisturiser

To give your jade roller some slip and reduce drag on the skin, apply one of the best facial oils. Non-comedogenic facial oils won't block your pores but if you're particularly oily skinned, you may prefer to use a moisturiser or lotion. 

"Warm your favourite facial oil in your hands before you apply to the face, ensuring that your skin is evenly covered," suggests acupuncturist Maudie. Facial massage is just one of the many ways to use Bio Oil, if that particular product is already sitting on your beauty shelf. 

Alternatively, pop on your favourite hydrating sheet mask then use your jade roller over this. It will feel lovely and help the product sink into the skin. 

Step 3: Roll from the centre of your face, outwards

"To help clear any puffiness, I always start in the midline of the face and work out to the sides," says Dr Catherine. Rolling outwards from the centre of the face aids the natural lymphatic drainage system and reduces puffiness.  

"Start on the forehead with a side to side or upwards motion, then move onto the cheeks," says acupuncturist Maudie. "Come out from the nose and radiate out to the ears. Then onto the jaw and downwards to the neck. Go with a consistent rhythm and make sure you are doing the same amount of strokes on each side of the face."

"If you have a double ended jade roller, use the larger roller on your neck, cheeks and forehead. With the smaller end, you can target under the eyes."

Step 4: Don't forget the neck

Facial massage doesn't stop at the face, bring your jade roller on to your neck to improve the skin elasticity on the jaw - it's great for sagging jowls and helping to get rid of a double chin. The trick to an effective neck massage is to use your roller in an upwards direction, away from the collar bones. "Think of the rolling action as a push mechanism," says acupuncturist Maudie. "You want to gently push the skin following the contours of the face and moving slightly upwards."

Using a downwards direction on the neck can exacerbate any wrinkles or loss of elasticity which naturally occurs at the age of 30 but, going upwards will go against gravity and give the skin a more lifted appearance.

Step 5: Rinse clean

After use Dr Catherine suggests, "Cleaning your jade roller after each use will avoid any breakouts from occurring." Rinsing your jade roller clean to prevent bacteria from growing and storing it somewhere hygienic, preferably in a small bag, can stop cross-contamination. 

If you have dry skin, keep your facial oil on overnight but if you're prone to breakouts you may want to rinse it off with a cleanser. Learning how to cleanse your face properly will help keep the skin looking and feeling healthy.

How often should you do jade roller?

There is no limit on how often you should use a jade roller - in fact, acupuncturist Maudie suggests making it a regular step in your beauty regime: "You can a Jade Roller every day, there are no limits to this practise. The key is to introduce the ritual to your routine slowly, with intention."

Dr Catherine is an advocate of using a jade roller, "At least 1 to 2 times a week," to see a difference. 

What are the benefits of using a jade roller?

1. Improved circulation

A 2018 study looked into the short and long term effects of using a facial massage roller and found that skin blood flow increased after just 5 minutes of use. According to Dr Catherine, "This is good for skin healing and preventing signs of ageing."

So, when you're unwinding in the evening before bed and have a spare 5, dig out your jade roller and indulge. 

2. Helps reduce puffiness

A puffy face is just one of the effects of alcohol on the skin so, if you've had a few too many the night before and you're not looking as fresh as you usually do, a jade roller can certainly help matters. 

Dr Catherine explains that using a jade roller effectively can, "Decrease puffiness and inflammation in the skin." So perfect your technique and use it daily to get a more chiselled look. 

3. Deeply relaxing

The benefits of regularly using jade roller aren't only aesthetic, it's a great way to de-stress and relax. "Using a jade roller is deeply relaxing and can be meditative," says acupuncturist Maudie. 

Look up how to deal with stress online and you're sure to see massage on the list. It's a wonderful ritual to incorporate into a self-care routine and can really help to reduce tension. 

4. Aids lymphatic drainage

"Lymphatic drainage slows as we get older," says Dr Catherine. "And this can lead to puffiness, especially in the under-eye area." Using a jade roller in this area (albeit, gently!) will help to move the lymph through your system and reduce under eye bags. 

The fluid in the body's lymphatic system helps to remove waste and toxins from the body but, certain health conditions, environmental factors and age, as Dr Catherine suggests, can cause it to build up in different areas. Encouraging the lymphatic system to work effectively will not only help you feel but look better too. 

5. Sculpts facial contours

Did you know that there might actually be a link between facial massage and firmer skin? According to a 2017 study, researchers found that massaging the skin for at least one minute, twice a day increased the levels of proteins within the skin after just ten days. 

Collagen peptides are one of these proteins and much like the best vitamins for skin, these proteins are the building blocks of the skin, acting like scaffolding to strengthen it. As we age, our natural collagen supplies diminish but learn how to use a jade roller and you could see your skin improve with a more defined jawline and cheekbones. London-based acupuncturist Maudie agrees, "Using a jade roller has many benefits, including helping to contour the face."

How long does it take for a jade roller to work?

You'll feel the relaxing effects of using a jade roller immediately. "The facial muscles get massaged and increased blood flow to these muscles helps to reduce facial tension and can aid with headaches and stress relief," explains Dr Catherine. 

But to actually see the benefits, consistency is key. "Benefits such as wound healing and longer-term lymphatic drainage can take a few weeks to improve. 

According to acupuncturist Maudie, "With regular practise, you should start to see changes after approximately 2 weeks." So, make a commitment to your jade roller routine and having a little patience will certainly pay off. 

Best jade rollers for your face - our top 3 picks

Herbivore Jade Facial Roller

(Image credit: Herbivore Botanicals)

1. Herbivore Botanicals Jade Facial Roller

Best jade roller overall


RRP: £29
Features: Dual-ended

Reasons to buy

Sturdy dual-ended design that doesn't squeak
Made from ethically mined jade
Ultra-smooth glide

Reasons to avoid

A little expensive

The best jade facial roller has to be this one from Herbivore. It feels incredibly sturdy in your hand, doesn't squeak and gently glides over the contours of the face, without drag. 

According to Maudie, "Ensure that wherever you purchase your roller, you are buying an ethically made tool." This one is made from ethically mined jade so you can have also have peace of mind while using. 

White Lotus Beauty Jade Roller

(Image credit: White Lotus Beauty)

2. White Lotus Beauty Jade Roller

Best luxury jade roller


RRP: £34
Features: Single ended, lifetime product guarantee

Reasons to buy

Hand crafted design
Includes a lifetime product guarantee
Weighty and luxurious
Chemical-free jade

Reasons to avoid

Single ended

If budget is no problem for you, we recommend the White Lotus Beauty jade roller. According to Maudie it's one of, "The best jade rollers on the market." 

Its hand crafted design lends itself to a superior product and you actually receive a lifetime product guarantee when you purchase it. So, if you've experienced a squeaky, inferior jade roller that's fallen apart on your first facial massage, you'll be pleasantly surprised with this one. 

Although it's a little pricey, we love the non-chemically treated jade. Jade can be difficult to carve and many brands often treat it with chemicals to soften it, but not here.

So Eco jade Roller

(Image credit: So Eco)

3. So Eco Jade Roller

Best budget jade roller


RRP: £12.99
Features: Dual-ended

Reasons to buy

Dual-ended to suit facial contours

Reasons to avoid

A little squeaky

If you're looking for a more affordable jade roller, this should be your go-to. It's dual ended to suit the contours of the face and the smooth jade feels lovely on the skin without any pulling or tugging.

In Dr Catherine's opinion, "Some jade rollers are very similar and you can end up spending a lot of money necessarily." This one won't break the bank but will still give you the results you're after. 

The only drawback is that it's a little squeaky so some may find this annoying if you're trying to relax.

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