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By now all of us that can work from home are doing so. Alongside children off school and other family members in the house, it can be quite a stressful time and that’s a mood that young ones can easily pick up on. That’s where Cosmic Kids yoga comes in...

Although they might not know exactly what’s going on, they’re sure to have picked up on some of the changes going on in their lives even if they’re quite young. Their usual routine of getting up, dressed and going to school has been disrupted and instead, they’re being forced to entertain themselves more than ever while busy parents are still working.

So it’s important now more than ever, that they (and you) are finding the time to de-stress, relax and learn how to think positively.

That’s where Cosmic Kids yoga comes in! By getting children up, moving and engaging in productive activities, we can be sure that they’re staying calm and that their minds continue to whir, getting on with home-school work (opens in new tab) - while not bothering you too much!

Download the app to your phone or tablet here (opens in new tab) and start your free two-week trial today.

Here’s how Cosmic Kids can help your children de-stress, relax and think positively…

What is Cosmic Kids yoga?

Through entertaining yoga practices and dynamic movement, Cosmic Kids engages young minds by keeping their bodies active, even while inside. Using a combination of colourful, larger than life characters and positive affirmations, the activities and sessions also teach children some of life's important lessons - like embracing change and looking on the positive side, all from the comfort of their own living room.

This includes...

Cosmic Kids Yoga

From the highest mountains right down to under the sea, instructor Jamie takes children on a fun-filled journey in each 15-minute episode. All of which are available in the app, which you can download straight to your phone and then, if you have a Smart TV, stream to your television.

And completely for free (just type in ‘0’ in the donation box) you can also download the full 8 page menu worth of sessions, so you can navigate your way through the exercises and your children can choose which world they want to live in today.

Download here (opens in new tab)

fun sheet

Credit: Cosmic Kids

Fun sheets

Originally created for an offline accompaniment to the online sessions, these fun sheets are packed with crafty ideas to encourage mindfulness at home.

Explanations of daily yoga poses for you and you little one to try out are included, plus activities to give them a chance to step back and consider the world around them.

These are also normally paid-for, but given recent events and the UK going into lockdown, Cosmic Kids Yoga has made them available for free. Donate if you can, otherwise use the link below to get your free fun sheets.

Download here (opens in new tab)

guided meditation

Credit: Cosmic Kids

Guided Mediation Scripts

We all know that children are comforted most by their parents and carers, so why not try some guided mediation with them? It sounds like the last thing that hyper kids will want to do after being stuck inside the house (opens in new tab) all day, but these tried and tested scripts are determined to set even the most lively of children off into a calm state.

Each script has an introduction explaining the purpose of the mediation to you, as well as guidance on how long the session will take, plus tips on the best kind of home environment to set the mediation up in. With breathing exercises and visualisations, you can help your child to build confidence while they’re away from their normal day-to-day routine.

Download here (opens in new tab)

Fill your children's days with these fun activities, while promoting exercise and mindfulness at home.

Is Cosmic Kids Yoga free?

Currently, many of the online sessions such as those on Youtube (opens in new tab), as well as the fun sheets and guided meditation scripts are totally free! Whereas they would normally be paid for, during the stressful times that we now find ourselves in, Jaime and Martin at Cosmic Kids have decided to release much of their material without any cost. But if you are able to, they suggest a donation towards keeping the services running.

In the donation box for each of the packages you can download above, under "Name a Fair Price" on the right hand side of the page, you can just type in "0". Click "I want this" and you'll be taken to an email page to download the files.

What are the benefits of Cosmic Kids Yoga?

In a survey (opens in new tab) taken by over 400 teachers who use Cosmic Kids Yoga in their teaching, almost 100 per cent of them said that the yoga sessions had a positive effect on the children who participated at least once a week.

They also said they saw other benefits, including:

  • Changes in strength and balance in the children
  • Improved behaviour
  • Positive changes in students' empathy and awareness
  • An improvement in children's ability to focus
  • Overall enjoyment in participating in the sessions

Their colourful, dynamic and entertaining in-app sessions have been proven to not only develop children’s physical health but also to help to improve children’s general mental welling. So, taking part in mindfulness activities are sure to keep your children happy, relaxed (opens in new tab) and thinking positively about any changes to their daily routine at this time.

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Keep Calm and Yoga On!

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