Expert reveals the eight different types of nipples, but which do YOU have?

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  • When it comes to nipples, you might just assume that we’re all dealing with the same thing and they’re all relatively similar looking, right?

    Round? Check. On top of boob? Check. So far, so good…

    But according to a paediatrician and dermatologist based in California, Dr Tsippora Shainhouse, there are in fact eight types of nipples!

    In an interview with Seventeen magazine, Dr Shainhouse has revealed that although all of the types of nipple are of course normal, it’s actually common to have a mixture of two or more types of nipples. So, what type do you have?

    1. Protruding

    Some nipples can be more raised than others – protruding a few millimetres above the surface of the skin. They usually become harder when stimulated or cold.

    2. Flat

    This is when the whole nipple lies flat against the skin and only becomes erect when stimulated or cold.

    3. Hairy

    Some women have hair growing out of their areola, the small area surrounding the nipple. The hairs will differ – some will be fine, some will be more coarse. It is perfectly fine to tweezer these out if they bother you however.

    4. Puffy

    This is when the whole nipple area is raised and lies on top of the breast. Again, the nipples can become more pronounced with cold or stimulation.

    5. Inverted

    The nipple lies inwards and can’t be seen. However it can normally be teased outwards using your fingers, depending on how tight the muscles around it are.

    6. Unilateral inverted

    Just one nipple is raised and the other lies inwards. Normally this is fine if your nipples have always looked like this, however if you notice it suddenly then you should consult your doctor, as it could be a sign of breast cancer.

    7. Bumpy

    Small glands, called Montgomery glands, lie around your areola, but some are bumpier than others. They resemble small whitehead spots and pregnant women tend to get these a lot.

    8. Supernumerary

    This is when you have an additional nipple somewhere on your torso. However it normally lies beneath the breast and looks a bit like a flat mole or a small bump.

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