Firmer bust exercises: 6 easy ways to perky boobs

Time and gravity might not be on your side, but we are! These five easy exercises will help to make your breasts appear firmer and perkier in no time

Firmer bust

Have you been wishing for a firmer bust?

Whether you love yours or loathe them, everyone's boobs are just made of fat - so it's not surprising that, as time passes, pregnancies happen and gravity takes its toll, the skin begins to sag.

However, if your breasts are feeling less than perky, there are lots of easy ways to get a firmer bust - and working the pectoral muscles underneath the breasts is one of the most effective.

We've got 5 easy exercises to keep your breasts looking firm and pert, and they're all easy to do at home with just some small weights (or even some cans of beans!)

If you're not used to exercising, just pick one of the workout moves and do a set twice a day.

If you're already quite fit and toned do 3 of the firmer bust exercises, twice a day.

To give your chest a good all-round workout, make sure you alternate regularly between all 5 moves!

Firmer bust

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Firmer bust exercises - what you'll need:

2 light dumb-bells, 2 cans of beans or 2 large bottles of water

A bed or bench

A little bit of patience

Firmer bust exercises - the moves:

The fly

1. Lie on your back on a bench or across the corner of your bed, with your feet on the floor. 2. Hold a dumb-bell or whatever you are using as a weight, in each hand. Stretch your arms out fully to your sides, pull your tummy in and slowly lift both arms up so that they are pointing towards the ceiling, to meet each other. 3. Breathe in as you raise your arms and breathe out as you lower them to the starting position. Do 10-12 repetitions

The prayer

You can do this while sitting on the sofa watching telly! 1. Sit with your back straight and your hands in the traditional prayer position, with fingertips pointing to the ceiling. 2. Keep your elbows up and out straight, don't let them drop. Then even though your hands are together, push your hands against each other so that you feel a bit of resistance and tension in your chest muscles. 3. You'll know you're doing this right when you see your bust rise a little. Repeat 10-12 times, twice a day.

The back fly

Remember to check your posture - great boobs need a strong back!

1. Stand up straight, feet hip-width apart. 2. Pull your tummy in and push your shoulders back but watch that you don't arch your back. 3. Hold your weights in each hand and keep your arms by your side. 4. Slowly swing your arms back, stretching up and back but make sure you keep your back straight, don't bend forward. You should feel a stretch across your chest, back and upper arms. 5. Go back to the starting position and repeat 12-15 times.

I must increase my bust!

You remember this move, the one made famous by Barbara Windsor in Carry on Camping - just don't say it out loud, you never know who might be listening!

1. Stand up straight, legs hip-width apart. 2. Raise your arms up to shoulder level, out by your sides and bend your elbows so that your fingertips are just touching. 3. Open out your arms, bring them back to shoulder level, fingertips touching. Do this move quickly. 4. Come back to the starting position then quickly and firmly push your elbows back. These moves should be done as one swift movement, arms out, back to starting position then elbows back. Repeat the whole movement 10-12 times.

The press-up

Yes, it's the traditional press-up. This is a great all-over exercise, but it's especially good for the arms, shoulders, bust and stomach. We know it's toughie so don't feel bad if you can only manage one - and there are 2 variations of it if you have difficulty.

1. Lie on the floor with your hands tucked under your shoulders. 2. Raise yourself up, straightening your arms and keeping your legs straight, curl your toes so that your toes are supporting your weight. 3. Lower yourself down so that your elbows are bent. Hold for two counts then push yourself back up. If this move is difficult, don't worry, it's a tough one. Instead bend your knees so you're resting on them. This will make it easier. Do as many as you can but don't push yourself if you find it hard.

The pullover

This is very simple and gives your back a nice stretch - but don't overdo it! This is a good workout move to do in the morning as it stretches your whole body, which helps your posture.

1. Lie on a bench or the corner of the bed with your feet on the floor. 2. Use both hands to hold one weight and raise it over your head. 3. Bring the weight back over your head but pull your tummy in as you do this - and don't arch your back. Stretch your arms as much as you can - you should feel a pull in your chest, shoulders and upper arms.

Top tip: Don't underestimate the power of a great bra! The right fit can make your bust look firmer and bigger. And if you're doing any sort of sport, make sure you get a sports bra - it really can make a long-term difference.

If you also want to invest in a bust-firming lotion look for something that contains seaweed, also known as algae, as this can have a toning effect on the bust.


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