GBBO finalist Jane Beedle opens up about her skin cancer scare

Baker Jane Beedle has opened up about her skin cancer scare, just weeks before starring on the BBC show

GBBO (opens in new tab) Jane Beedle - a finalist on last year's show - has revealed her skin cancer (opens in new tab) horror after she was urged by her husband, Ray to get an abnormal-looking mole on her arm checked out.

The mum-of-two from Kent, told The Mirror: 'I am a very "moley" fair-skinned person, and I grew up in an era when no one knew about sun protection.'

As a child she remembered that they would be parked on the beach in the sunshine, and as a teenager she covered herself in oil in order to get as deep a tan as possible.

'Like most people, I had intended to get my moles looked over but then late last summer, one popped up on my left arm and my husband said "I don't like the look of that - go and get it checked over.",' she explained.

The 62-year-old headed to the doctors - a decision that ended up saving her life.

The mole turned out to be a basal cell carcinoma, which isn't a melanoma and could be easily treated, but Jane went on to say: 'Two of the other moles, on my left foot and left knee, were a melanoma in situ - a very superficial cancer, so they could be taken off easily too.'

'The one on the back of my right thigh turned out to be a melanoma unfortunately, which is the nasty type of skin cancer that can be fatal if not treated quickly,' she continued.

The baker, who is also a garden designer, confessed, she regrets trying to 'get as deep a tan as she could' by 'slathering on the coconut oil' as a teenager.

'My health is being monitored still,' she said. 'I have six-monthly check-ups for my moles and last February I had more surgery to remove another suspicious area from my chest.'

Jane is now supporting Marie Curie, and is doing everything she can to raise skin cancer awareness, admitting that that she's evangelical about the subject.

'We really should all be sun aware,' she concluded.



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